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Golf Headquarters’ 10 Best Golfers of All Time

Golf Headquarters decided to rank the 10 best golfers of all time (in our humble opinion). We understand many may not agree with our list, remember it is all in good fun! Let us know what you think and what you would change!

1. Tiger Woods

While it is difficult to argue with the 18 major championships of Jack Nicklaus, we have never seen a run of dominance like Tiger Woods had from 2000 to 2008. He has won a staggering 25 percent of the professional tournaments in which he has played. No other player has been the number one ranked golfer in the world longer than him. He has also been awarded the “PGA Player of the Year” award on 11 occasions, more than anyone else. We believe there has never been a player better than Tiger was in his prime.

2. Jack Nicklaus

“The Golden Bear” can certainly be called the most accomplished golfer of all time. He has won a record 18 major titles, 6 Masters and has 73 PGA Tour events. He also completed the career grand slam 4 times, another record. However, the most impressive aspect of Jack’s career may be his longevity. His career lasted over 23 years and he won his final major at the age of 46, amazing!

3. Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is a true legend in the game of golf. He won an amazing nine major championships in five years, winning five of the six events he played in 1953. Hogan is said to have the most perfect golf swing in history, making him one of the best ball strikers of all time.

4. Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones is the greatest amateur golfer ever and only played in tournaments until the unbelievably young age of 28. He was able to finish first or second 11 times in the final 12 national championships he played.

5. Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen was one of the greatest putters and match players to ever play the game. He won two U.S. Opens, five British Opens and four consecutive PGA Championships from 1924 to 1927.

6. Arnold Palmer

“The King” played a huge role in making golf more popular and more mainstream during his illustrious career. He won the Masters four times and seven major titles in total. He finished first or tied for first at the U.S. Open four of six years from 1960 to 1966, winning the title in 1960.

7. Gary Player

Gary Player is often overlooked as an all-time great because he played in the same era as Jack Nicklaus. However, his 100 plus victories and nine majors speak for themselves. He won the World Match Play Championship five times and is one of just five golfers to achieve the modern-day grand slam.

8. Sam Snead

Sam Snead collected 82 wins on the PGA Tour, still the most of all time. He also took home seven majors, winning the Masters and PGA Championship three times each.

9. Byron Nelson

“The Byron Nelson Championship” is played each year in Dallas to honor the career of this great player. Nelson amassed 52 wins on the PGA Tour and five major championships. He won the Masters and PGA Championship two times each.

10. Tom Watson

Tom Watson may be remembered most for his exciting battles with Jack Nicklaus during the 70’s and 80’s. However, his storied career goes far beyond just his rivalry with “The Golden Bear”. Watson took home an amazing five Open Championship wins and a total of 8 major crowns.


Honorable Mention: Lee Trevino, Phil Mickelson, Nick Faldo, Harry Vardon

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