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Adidas Boost Golf Shoes

Are you tired of the same old classic-style golf shoe? Adidas was so they have brought you the new, Adidas BOOST Golf Shoes. Worn by Jason Day, this fresh design brings new, innovative technology that has never before been seen on the golf course. The shoe features patented BOOST foam technology which has previously been used in Adidas footwear for running, basketball and baseball. In these sports, your footwear can make all the difference and this is no different in golf.

Adidas Boost Golf Shoes


The BOOST foam technology features thousands of plastic TPU capsules which are fused together by high pressure steam. According to Adidas, these capsules provide a comfortable, yet stable cushioning system so discomfort never affects your game. This technology is also meant to provide comfort when walking by creating optimized energy return. This creative design combines the comfort and style of a running shoe with the traction and stability found in most golf shoes.

This BOOST Technology is replacing EVA, the rubber-like material that is normally used to provide cushioning in golf shoes. The BOOST foam is a serious upgrade over EVA which typically wears down in changing temperature conditions. EVA tends to harden in cold conditions and soften in hot conditions. Adidas claims that BOOST is not only more comfortable, but more durable and will not break down in varying temperatures. This can be a great advantage for golfers who usually leave their golf shoes in their garage or the trunk of their car.

Another feature that sets the Adidas BOOST Golf Shoes apart from others is varying spike size. This rare design features 25 Gripmore spikes in different sizes, allowing you to get more traction where you need it and less where you don’t. This design is meant to make it easier for you to generate maximum power on your swing. Small traction pieces at the heel and toe also help to provide a powerful grip with the course.

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