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Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review

Let’s be honest, Adidas has stepped up its game in the golf apparel industry with the Adidas Ultimate Shorts leading the way.  Introduced in late 2015 / early 2016 the Adidas Ultimate Golf Short line has taken the golf apparel industry by storm so we decided to give you an in-depth Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review.  We know what you’re thinking, how much technology can be in a golf short as opposed to a golf driver, golf ball, or any other piece of golf equipment.  Well we challenge you to read on and actually see why the Adidas line of Ultimate Golf Shorts has out-sold other golf shorts by as much as 10 to 1 in the last year or so.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Stretch

So to start off, let’s talk about the technology and features contained in the ultimate shorts. The first and one of the favorite features for most golfers is the stretch waistband that not only creates more comfort when we have that much needed large breakfast before an outing or important golf tournament but it also makes them last longer especially if you happen to fluctuate with your waist size a bit more than you’d like.  With an 88% polyester / 12% Elastane fabric the Ultimate Shorts give you a full range of motion and plenty of stretch for all type of golf swings.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Grip

The silicone waistband with the classic Adidas logo also helps to keep your shirt tucked in the entire round.  Having your favorite golf shirt come un-tucked can be as annoying as your shoe laces coming untied.  On a separate subject thank goodness for BOA Golf Shoes solving a separate but similar problem.  But the Ultimate short waistband also helps for not only increased comfort but mobility as well and once you wear your first pair you’ll know what exactly we’re talking about, the difference will be that obvious.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Breathable

The next biggest feature is the breathable fabric that is not only lightweight but helps keep you dry and prevents sweat much more than most traditional golf shorts.  The fabric is also moisture-wicking and water resistant which is just one extra feature that most traditional golf shorts fall short on so if you do get caught in bad weather the Adidas Ultimate Shorts will help keep you comfortable.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Water Resistant

Not only are they one of the most comfortable golf shorts you’ll ever wear but Adidas also provides you with an amazing lineup of incredible colors, sizes, and styles.  They’re not only offered in your most basic black pair of golf shorts, or in grey or khaki but there are over a dozen colors to choose from just in the solid short alone.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review

After the basic Adidas Ultimate Solid Short, they also offer the below options that provide all types of fashion opportunities for an Adidas Golf Short.

Adidas Ultimate Golf Short Types:

In 2017, Adidas launched the Ultimate 365 3-Stripes Short line that also has a multiple of styles and options including the Ultimate 365 Gradient Stripe Shorts.  The Ultimate 3-Stripe Golf Shorts have a slightly thicker material aren’t quite as lightweight as the original Ultimate short but they still feature all of the same amazing technology as the original.  They also showcase the classic 3 stripe brand mark on the of the shorts for added branding and style.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review - Ultimate 365 3 Stripes Shorts

So as you can see Adidas offers a multitude of options for Adidas Ultimate Golf Shorts in more colors, patterns, and sizes than any golfer could possibly need.  Not to mention Adidas is always eliminating colors and coming out with new colors so you have the luxury of both; always having new colorways but also getting the previous season’s styles or colors at almost half the price.

So in our Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review we’ve found that no matter which color or style you want, Adidas has you covered so you can create your perfect summer golf outfit while still enjoying the amazing comfort, quality, and durability of the Adidas Ultimate Golf Short.  The best part is that whether you decide to go with their Ray Red solid short, or Ultimate Heather Grey Short, Adidas has everything you need to create your most stylish outfit on or off the golf course.  We highly suggest that if you haven’t purchased or worn a pair of Ultimate shorts that you buy a pair today and experience first-hand why Adidas’s Ultimate Short line has taken the entire golf industry by storm.

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