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Can the Right Ball Really Make a Difference?

Golf Equipment 101: Your golf ball’s numbers and why they count Some may think that it doesn’t matter much, but the choice of ball is critically important to the quality of your game. Before you can make an educated decision on this vital piece of golf equipment, though, you’ll need to know some more about...


Does Your Golf Apparel Matter?

If you were thinking about playing football, would it matter if you wore pads and a helmet? If you wanted to block a few hockey pucks on the ice, could a face mask, tooth guard and hockey stick be of use? Why should it be any different with golf? Granted, you probably already know that...


The Impact of Technology on Modern Golf

Of all the sports enjoyed by professionals and amateurs, technology has had the greatest impact on golf. What was once a decidedly low-tech game is now boasting all sorts of high-tech advancements to clubs, balls and devices. These advancements have made the game easier for novices to enjoy. Professionals are reaping the rewards of the...


How Not to Behave on the Course: A Guide for Beginner Golfers

Golfers are expected to police themselves. Honesty and etiquette are crucial parts of the game. Even beginner golfers on the course are expected to be courteous and demonstrate good sportsmanship toward the other duffers. Golf etiquette deals with a few aspects of the game. The rules concern safety, consideration for other golfers, speed of play...