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Best Golf Gifts for Father’s Day

Best Golf Gifts for Father’s Day

If your Dad is a golfer, with Father’s Day fast approaching, we have put together a list of the Best Golf Gifts For Father’s Day for you.  Golf gifts make an excellent gift for Dad for on his special day.  Even if your Dad or even Grandfather don’t play golf or only play a few times a year, every Dad can use a brand new golf shirt or pair of flat front golf shorts or pants.  So put a smile on Dad’s face this Sunday with the help our Best Golf Gifts for Dad.

#1 Best Golf Gift for Father’s Day – Golf Balls

Golf balls are something every Dad needs, obviously you can’t play golf without them and it’s something that they will surely use at some point even if they already have a stockpile of golf balls.  If you want to truly impress Dad the #1 ball in golf and the most widely used golf balls on tour are the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls and Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls.  These are especially great golf balls if your Dad or Grandpa or any Father in your family are very avid golfers that play pretty well.  If you’re wondering what the difference between the two are, the easiest way to choose the best one is by the age and if you know if they swing really hard at the ball that helps as well.  The Titleist Pro V1 is best for most average swing speed golfers, so for most golfers up in age, this ball works best.   The  Pro V1x is faster swinging golfers, so usually younger golfers that play well and often.  The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are also extremely popular for avid golfers and will make a great gift as well.  They’re also not quite as expensive as the Pro V1.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls - Best Golf Gift for Father's Day

You don’t have to break the bank with the best ball in golf though.  There are also many mid-range priced golf balls that are very good and you can often find 2 for deals on them, such as the Bridgestone e6 golf balls and the Wilson Duo Golf Balls.  These are for golfers of many skill levels from a 5-8 handicap all the way up to a 25 handicap.  If Dad only plays Titleist you can take a look at the Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls or the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls.

Wilson Duo Golf Balls - Best Father's Day Golf Gifts

Lastly, if Dad only play a few times a year or if you’re buying for Grandpa (lower swing speed) the Titleist TruSoft Golf Balls are fantastic.  You can also look at the Srixon Soft Feel 24 pack of golf balls or once again the Wilson Duo Golf Balls where you currently also get 2 dozen for only $30.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls 24 Pack

#2 Best Golf Gift for Dad – Golf Shirts and Golf Shorts

The next best golf gift you can get your Dad is golf apparel.  Golf Shirts or Golf Polo’s can make an excellent gift for any golfer.  We all know every golfer can never have enough golf shirts and with so many styles out there you can surely find something that suits your Dad’s particular style.  Whether he likes striped golf shirts or only solid golf shirts, or even fancier and bolder golf shirts with much more creative designs and prints you’ll easily find him something he’ll love.  There are many amazing brands to choose from so whether Dad’s favorite brand is Adidas Golf Shirts, Callaway Golf Shirts, Oakley Golf Shirts you’ll easily find him the perfect shirt.  If he wants a premium brand look at J. Lindeberg Golf Shirts, FootJoy Golf Shirts, or Under Armour Golf Polos.  Not to mention Dad can also wear his golf shirt off the course as well, either to the office or to dinner.

Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day - Callaway Solid Golf Shirt

You can also complete an outfit for him with a nice pair of golf shorts or golf pants.  One of the most popular lines of golf shorts and pants are the Adidas Ultimate Golf Shorts and Adidas Ultimate Golf Pants.  There are endless colors and styles in both.  You can find the Adidas Ultimate Shorts in many different prints, from the Adidas Ultimate Camo Shorts to the Adidas Ultimate Gradient Stripe Shorts, Adidas Ultimate Geo Print Shorts, or Adidas Ultimate Heather Golf Shorts.  The Ultimate short line is also very good for hot summer days.  They also fit very true to size as well.

Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day - Adidas Ultimate Golf Shorts

#3 Best Golf Gift for Father’s Day – Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes make an excellent gift and just like golf shirts, golfers can never have enough golf shoes for every type of course and conditions.  Our Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoes are very popular as you can wear them not just on the course but off the course as well.  Some golfers will wear these shoes to dinner or even to the office.  The FootJoy Versaluxe Golf Shoes are perfect for the golfer that plays golf and wants golf shoes he can wear right into the clubhouse without having to change his shoes.  We also carry dress shoes that aren’t as much meant for playing but just to wear to dinner at the country club or with a nice pair of dress slacks.  If that’s what you think Dad needs check out our FootJoy Professional Spikeless Golf Shoes.

FootJoy Versaluxe - Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day

If Dad plays a lot of golf in all types of weather you’ll definitely want something waterproof so make sure you check the description of each shoe.  Most golf shoes are waterproof but there are some lower-end golf shoes that are synthetic leather or have a mesh upper that may not be waterproof.  If you’re looking for the best we recommend checking out the FootJoy DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes, which just dropped in price, and are FootJoy’s top-of-the-line golf shoe.  The FootJoy FreeStyle Golf Shoes also just dropped in price as well and make another excellent option.  If you already know Dad prefers Adidas Shoes we recommend the Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoes and the Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes.

FootJoy DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes

Now if you don’t want to break the bank because you know Dad doesn’t play a ton of golf, don’t worry there are many discount golf shoes out there for you.  Take a look at the Closeout FootJoy SuperLites Golf Shoes or the FootJoy Contour Golf Shoes which can currently be had for around $60.  Both still provide a waterproof warranty, the Contour line, even comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty, which is the same warranty all of the higher end golf shoes carry.  There is nothing wrong with buying Dad a pair of cheap golf shoes since there are so many good closeout options out there for you.

FootJoy Contour Golf Shoes

One last thing to note, if you can sneak out and check the size of the shoes your Dad currently wears that helps a ton.  If not it’s good to know that FootJoy shoes typically run a half size larger than Adidas Golf Shoes.  So if Dad wears a 10 in an Adidas Shoe you should probably get him a 9.5 in a FootJoy shoe.

#4 Best Golf Gift for Dad – Golf Gloves

Golf gloves just like golf balls are something that every golfer needs more of and they’ll always use them eventually.  They also make a great add-on golf gift since they run anywhere from the $7 range to the $25 range.  If you want the best golf glove for Dad because he plays a lot and scores well, take a look at an all Cabretta leather, such as the FootJoy StaSof Golf Gloves or Ping Sensor Tour Golf Glove.

FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

If your Dad is more of just the weekend warrior and an average golfer you don’t need to break the bank.  You can find many great deals on golf gloves when purchasing them in packs of 2, 3, or even 6.  Then Dad will be set for the entire season.  You can easily go through 6 golf gloves or more throughout your golf season.  Check out the Wilson Grip Soft Golf Gloves or Mizuno Comp Golf Gloves that can currently be had for as low as $6.67 each when you buy 6 gloves.  The FootJoy WeatherSof 2 Pack Golf Gloves are also a fantastic solution.  FootJoy is also the #1 Golf Glove on Tour and is known for the highest quality golf gloves on the market.  If you’d like to learn more about the fit of golf gloves or if you’re wondering why do golfers need a golf glove you can here.

Wilson Grip Soft Golf Glove

#5 Best Golf Gift for Dad – Golf GPS and Golf Rangefinders

Golf GPS & Rangefinders are something every Dad loves, even if they already have one, just like a cell phone, the features improve every year so it’s never too late to upgrade.  Golf GPS make a perfect gift the tech-loving Dad.  If you’re unfamiliar with what GPS and Golf Rangefinders are, the difference is a Golf GPS tells you the distance to hole and many other obstacles such as how far to carry a sand trap or a water hazard.  A golf rangefinder is something you put to your eye aim it at the pin or any target and it will tell you the distance.  It seems most average golfers prefer a golf gps because sometimes on hilly courses you can’t see the pin.

Best Father's Day Golf Gifts SkyCaddie GPS Watch

A new popular item is golf gps watches.  They’re also perfect if Dad tends to leave things behind.  It can be very easy to leave your expensive golf gps in the golf cart at the end of your round.  One very popular gps watch is the SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Golf Watch which provides excellent value and can be currently has for about $120.  All golf gps are very popular for golfers of all ages and are much easier to set up than they used to be 5 years ago.  Some are even ready to use right out of the box with around 40,000 pre-loaded golf courses on them all over the world.

Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day - Callaway Golf Rangefinder

If you’re unsure you may find it helpful to take a look at golf gps buying guide or contact the customer service department of the online retailer you shop with or at talk to a sales rep at your local golf store to make sure you find one with the best features, ease of use, etc. for your Dad.  The same goes for golf rangefinders, some come with slope, which basically takes into consideration if the shot is uphill or downhill.  Rangefinders with slope are illegal for tournament play in official USGA golf tournaments, however some come with the ability to use slope and then turn it off for official tournament play.  Callaway Golf Rangefinders have become increasingly popular and also provide great value.  Rangefinders can start around $150 and go all the way up to $600 so if Dad wants a rangefinder you can determine your price range by how often and how serious he takes the game.

Hopefully these gift ideas help you find the Best Golf Gift for Father’s Day this year and you can make Dad very happy on Sunday while watching the U.S. Open!  Golf Headquarters has everything you need for a Father’s Day Golf Gift!

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