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Best Golf Shoes 2017 Rankings

In today’s day age the search for the Best Golf Shoes in 2017 can be a daunting task.  There are more brands in the golf shoe industry than there has ever been.  Not only that each golf shoe company has endless styles, colors, and options to choose from.  Between spikeless golf shoes, traditional spiked golf shoes, BOA golf shoes, and laced golf shoes, each with its own specific technology it can be difficult to find the best golf shoes for you.

We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Best Golf Shoes 2017 to help make your decision a bit easier.  How did we rank our shoes?  We not only polled all of our employees, but also used sales data, and took into consideration innovation, comfort, and style as well.

1. FootJoy DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 FootJoy DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes

FJ DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes stand out most with the amazing level of comfort.  If you get a chance to try them on they will easily be one of the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn.  There are some shoes that give you blisters the first time on the course, with these golf shoes that is not the case.  The DNA 2.0 have a 3 FoamCollar around your ankle that provides the perfect fit and comfort around your ankle.  The comfort level will remind  you of your favorite athletic tennis shoe.  The DNA 2.0’s do tend to run about a half-size large so if you can try them on before purchasing, we highly recommend it.

The looks are equally stunning, currently available in 7 different colors from an all black DNA golf shoe, to white/black, white/silver, and brighter colors such as white/red, and white/blue.  The styling is a great mix of a traditional look with a modern and contemporary twist that appeals to wide range of golfers.  They are also offered as a FootJoy DNA BOA 2.0 model as well as in traditional laced models.

Not only are they incredibly comfortable but FootJoy DNA 2.0 shoes are also one of the best performing golf shoes on the market.  You will notice an amazing improvement in balance and stability through your golf swing.  The traction is also excellent with the improved spike pattern that provides incredible grip, especially during wet conditions or when you’re on a side hill lie.

So if you already own one of the original FootJoy DNA golf shoes, we highly recommend giving FootJoy 2.0 a chance for your next golf shoe purchase, you will not be disappointed.

2. FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes

Taking the PGA Tour by storm and first seen by Adam Scott on tour, the FootJoy Pro SL Spikeless Golf Shoes are one of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes on the market.  FootJoy knew they hit a homerun with their DryJoys Casual line and they knew their next step was to get a spikeless FootJoy golf shoe on tour.  That’s exactly what they did with the Pro SL.  They simply improved on all aspects of the DryJoys Casual line.  The upper is made from Pittards ChromoSkin leather that is extremely soft, comfortable, and durable.

Currently offered in 3 laced models, and 1 BOA model, the Pro SL golf shoes are incredibly stylish.  There is an all black Pro SL with white and red trim, a white/blue model, a white/silver model, and the BOA is white with black trim and a golf FJ logo on the side.

The biggest improvement is the stability, that you typically don’t see in a spikeless golf shoe.  When wearing these on the course you won’t even notice it’s a spikeless shoe.  The sole slightly angles out for added support during weight transitions throughout your golf swing.  They also come with a 2 year waterproof warranty so you’re feel will stay dry in all weather conditions.

If you’re looking for your next pair of spikeless golf shoes that truly perform on the golf course you should highly consider the FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes.

3. Adidas Powerband BOA Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes

Built for both style and comfort the brand new for 2017 Adidas Powerband BOA Golf Shoes reached immediate stardom when Sergio Garcia wore them during his Master’s 2017 victory.  All 5 colors feature BOA technology which is growing in popularity every year.  The BOA Lacing System provide a perfect fit for all 18 holes; no more bending over to retie your traditional laces.  Yes, that is a great feature but there is a lot more to it than just not having to tie your laces.  The new Powercage chassis system utilizes soft wire loops and straps that seamlessly integrate into the 360Loop to keep your foot and fit stable not only when walking but throughout your entire swing.

They also boast Adidas’s BOOST technology which makes for an incrediblely comfortable shoe, especially for those who walk all 18 holes.  The Boost technology is the key here as it provides additional cusioning in the midsole for added comfort and energy transfer.  The Powerband BOA is not only lightweight but also features a stable wide platform for added traction and stability.

If you’re a fan of the “3 Stripes” we definitely recommend giving the Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes a shot.

4. FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes

Although the FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes were introduced in 2016, we still feel they’re one of the best golf shoes on the market in 2017.  If you’ve seen any marketing at all for the Freestlyle, you may have seen the source of their inspiration, the red-eyed tree frog from Central America.  The hero color-way shoe is blue/lime green/orange, however it has been one of the best-selling colors.  Available in 9 different colors, 3 of which are BOA models, while the other 6 are traditionally laced golf shoes.  You will definitely find a color that fits your style.

FJ Freestyle will feel completely broken-in right out of the box so you can take them straight to the course. The flexibility of the outsole truly helps you interact with ground and is especially great for those who want a low profile shoe that keeps their feet closer to the ground.  It gives you that extra source of power throughout your swing to where you can really feel your footwork and push off the ground.  The traction is equally amazing, while having traditional soft spikes, Freestyle has 5 finger grip pads around the outside of the lower sole for even more traction.  This is one of the best shoes on the market for traction without making you feel like you have a heavy pair of shoes where you feel glued to the ground.  Freestyle is the perfect mobile shoe for golfers who have a lot of lateral movement throughout their golf swing.

The mesh upper provides added flexibility and support along with the translucent rubber outsole and you get a completely waterproof shoe that is extremely lightweight.  If you’re looking for a high-performance tour-level shoe that is also great for walking the course then look no further than FootJoy FreeStyle Golf Shoes.

5. FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes

The original Hyperflex took the market by storm in 2014, and FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes are a great improvement on the highly successful original Hyperflex.  When you first put on the Hyperflex II you’ll notice the soft, cushion-like feel especially in the heel area.  The Flexgrid 3.0 mesh upper also provides generous mobility and flexibility during your swing and is a huge improvement from the original Hyperflex.  You feel a sense of freedom throughout your swing without losing traction to give you that feeling of extra power.  The Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) in the midsole provides even more cushion and comfort, especially compared to older EVA FootJoy used to use.

The FJ Hyperflex II are offered in 4 colors,  one of which is the blue/grey BOA Hyperflex.  The 3 other colors are equally attractive and stylish, including a grey with yellow accents, an all black with a white sole, and a red/grey/blue version that is perfect for when the Ryder Cup or President’s Cup comes around.

The big takeaway from FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes is the balance between structure and flexibility and FootJoy definitely accomplished what they set out to do.

6. Skechers Go Golf Focus Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 Skechers Go Golf Focus Golf Shoes

The Skechers Go Golf Focus Golf Shoes are all about being lightweight, comfortable, and flexible.  The synthetic leathers allows you to take them right out of the box with no need to break them in.  Featuring a H2GO Shield upper that is seam-sealed will keep your feet dry for all 18 holes with these waterproof shoes.  With the amount of flexibility the Go Golf Focus shoes are perfect for the golfer who is looking for a mobile shoe similar to the Freestyle.

The fit is perfect for those who prefer a wider toe-box and a wider shoe in general.  Inspired by Skechers’ running or training shoes, the 5-Gen midsole provides added comfort.  If you’ve worn Skechers shoes before, the Go Golf Focus will give you that same lightweight and comfortable feel you’re used to with all types of Skechers shoes.  The sole has a low profile so you’re a bit closer to the ground and the sole also extends a bit outside of the shoe for added traction and stability throughout your golf swing.

This is definitely a high performance golf shoe so if you’re looking for your first pair of Skechers Golf Shoes we highly recommend the Skechers Go Golf Focus Golf Shoes.

7. FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes 2017

Best Golf Shoes 2017 FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes

Enriched in tradition, the FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes are the most popular golf shoe ever since the DryJoys brand was first introduced in 1989.  The DryJoys are known for their traditional, classic look and style.  Available in a saddle shoe, or bicycle toe you will definitely find your perfect style.  These are shoes you pull out for your next round at the country club.  FJ DryJoys are designed purely for performance and looks.  The ECL (Extreme Comfort Leather) is 30% softer than previous leathers used in FJ DryJoys.  Couple that with the Comfort Plus PU Fit-Bed they are very comfortable golf shoes as well as durable.  These shoes will not get sloppy after one season.

They are also very stable throughout the swing, with great traction.  The fiberglass composite support bridge adds excellent mid-foot stability.  However, flexibility is not compromised by this added support and stability.  The Stability PODS on the outsole boast Optiflex technology in all non-PODS areas to create an incredibly flexible golf shoe.  And yes of course with any FootJoy DryJoys Tour shoe you get FootJoy’s excellent 2 year waterproof warranty.

If you prefer that classic look but are looking for a high-performance golf shoe, look no further than FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes.

8. Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes

Worn on the PGA Tour by many golfers, the Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes provide exceptional comfort.  Featuring Nike’s Lunarlon cushion, the Lunar Command 2 golf shoes have a great balance between those golfers who want a lot of cushion for comfort, but also want a shoe with a low profile that keeps you close to the ground.  Nike’s Flywire technology in the mid-foot provides even more support and comfort.

Not only are they comfortable but incredibly stylish, although they are not as bold as some of other Nike golf shoes, they still feature the large iconic Nike Swoosh from the toe to outside of the shoe.  Available in a black BOA Lunar Command 2, as well as 3 other colors including a conservative white/black, and two more bolder colors in grey/lime green and black with red accents.  The Lunar Command 2 also feature an athletic upper that comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty.

If you’re looking for a high-end Nike golf shoe that performs but doesn’t break the bank, we highly recommend looking at the Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes.

9. Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoes

Brand new to the market in 2017 Callaway’s new line of golf shoes has been wildly successful.  Now created by Klone Labs, the same company who has made New Balance shoes since 2009, you know you’re getting a high-quality golf shoe with any of Callaway’s new line of golf shoes.  The Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoes made this list because you’re getting an incredibly comfortable, high-performance golf shoe at an amazing value.

The 7 spike dura-rubber outsole provides maximum stability and control and add in the opti-soft EVA midsole you end up with a very comfortable, stable shoe.  The Opti-vent mesh liner adds breathability, yet the Balboa TRX still boasts a 1 year waterproof warranty.  But with all that the best part is the sizes range from 8 all the way up to 16, all in both medium and wide widths so you can definitely find your perfect fit.  There are currently 2 color-ways, a black shoe with subtle blue accents on the sole with a silver iconic Chev Callaway logo on the side and a white shoe with black accents and a red sole, again with the silver Chev logo on the side.

Take a hard look at the new Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoes, you will not be disappointed!

10. FootJoy Contour Fit Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes 2017 FootJoy Contour Fit Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Contour Series has been a long-time staple in FootJoy’s lineup and in 2017 they introduced the FootJoy Contour Fit Golf Shoes.  The Contour line of golf shoes is the number one selling golf shoe all time.  Known for amazing comfort at a great value you can’t go wrong.  Now they’re new and improved, as the new Contour Fit golf shoes are lighter and more flexible that older versions of the Contour Series.  The brand new Contour Fit utilize FJ’s Fine-Tuned Foam 3.0 midsole that gives you that amazingly comfortable feel you’d expect from any FootJoy Golf Shoe.  The new Dynaflex outsole has grooves that are placed perfectly to give you maximum mobility and flexibility.

The new 2017 line of Contour Fit definitely have a more athletic styling than previous versions and look absolutely great.  FootJoy found the perfect balance from staying somewhat traditional and conservative while creating a more contemporary looking golf shoe.  Currently available in 5 colors and 1 BOA style you will definitely find a color and style to fit your needs.

This is another shoe that represents amazing value, without sacrificing all of the amazing technology and comfort you’d expect to find in a FootJoy golf shoe.  We highly recommend you go out and try on a brand new pair of FootJoy Contour Fit Golf Shoes today.

In Conclusion:

We hope that you take all of these factors into consideration when purchasing your next pair of golf shoes, whether they’re from FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, Skechers, or Callaway.  You’ll want to find your perfect balance between stability as well as flexibility depending on your golf swing.  Not only that, if you walk or ride, since some shoes are great for walking, especially lightweight waterproof shoes, where as some are built for stability and may be a bit heavier and better suited for those who ride.  Last but not least with the wide array of colors and styles make sure you find something suitable to your style so you can not only play great on the course, but look even better in one of the Best Golf Shoes of 2017.

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