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Callaway XR Driver

Callaway has entered the realm of drag reduction with their new XR Driver. The primary focus in the development of the New Callaway XR Driver was creating outrageous club head speed which equals increased ball speeds and thus outrageous distance. The new Callaway XR Driver features the Callaway patented R-Moto Face and maximum shaft load, along with their aerodynamic design to generate the outrageous distance players are seeking off the tee.

Callaway XR Driver










When Callaway was looking at designing a brand new driver, they looked at aerodynamics of their current clubs. They realized that with their previous drivers, the air flow didn’t adhere to the driver which causes increased drag and decreased club speed. They have designed the XR Driver to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible. The largest advancement they made in regards to reducing drag was introducing the Speed Step Crown. The Speed Step Crown has slight recesses on the crown positioned at the front near the face. These recesses are vital in keeping the airflow adhered to the shape of the club to maximize drag reduction.

Callaway XR Driver Speed Step Crown










The XR Driver also has Callaway’s patented R-Moto Face design which creates outrageous speed on all parts of the face. R-Moto Face technology is designed to create a thinner but more forgiving face. Thinning the face decreases the overall weight which promotes higher club speed, and it also allows for more face flex to increase ball speeds, even on mishits.

Callaway XR Driver R Moto Face










Callaway has also implemented the brand new Project X LZ shaft to maximize the shaft load. More and more emphasis is being placed on the shafts in today’s golf industry. Golf R&D departments have realized how important shafts are to today’s game and are placing more importance on this aspect in today’s clubs. The Project X LZ shaft maximizes “shaft load during the downswing loading zone for greater energy transfer to the ball.” In less technical terms, this means the Project X LZ shaft will kick through on the downswing closer to impact so that you deliver a more consistent and faster strike on the ball.

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