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Matt Every Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational

Matt Every Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational Matt Every wins Arnold Palmer Invitational Tournament for the second consecutive year. The Arnold Palmer Invitational is played every March at Arnold Palmer’s private golf resort, Bay Hill Club and Lodge. It is one of five invitational tournaments on the PGA Tour, with a field of just 120 players....


Golf Custom Fitting Awarded by Ping

Golf Custom Fitting Awarded by Ping Golf Headquarters is proud to announce that we have been named as a Ping Top 100 Fitter for 2014. This honor is meant to give credit to Authorized PING Fitters who have shown the greatest commitment to golf custom fitting and informing their customers of the many benefits it...


Ping Glide Wedge

Ping Glide Wedge The new Ping Glide Wedge has multiple technological advancements over the Gorge Wedges, Ping’s previous Tour Wedge. The new Ping Glide Wedges have multiple sole grinds, different grooves in the higher lofted wedges than the lower lofted wedges, and a new Satin, Hydrophobic finish.             The Sole...


Callaway XR Driver

Callaway XR Driver Callaway has entered the realm of drag reduction with their new XR Driver. The primary focus in the development of the New Callaway XR Driver was creating outrageous club head speed which equals increased ball speeds and thus outrageous distance. The new Callaway XR Driver features the Callaway patented R-Moto Face and...


Does Your Golf Apparel Matter?

If you were thinking about playing football, would it matter if you wore pads and a helmet? If you wanted to block a few hockey pucks on the ice, could a face mask, tooth guard and hockey stick be of use? Why should it be any different with golf? Granted, you probably already know that...


The Impact of Technology on Modern Golf

Of all the sports enjoyed by professionals and amateurs, technology has had the greatest impact on golf. What was once a decidedly low-tech game is now boasting all sorts of high-tech advancements to clubs, balls and devices. These advancements have made the game easier for novices to enjoy. Professionals are reaping the rewards of the...