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Everyone loves a great deal, it’s in our nature as we all live in an American democracy, and creating wealth has become inherent in our D.N.A. so no matter what we may be shopping for we all get bright-eyed when we see any type of amazing deal.  Golf shoes can be pricey if you want the newest and greatest, but if you’re fine with getting golf shoes that aren’t the latest and greatest, what do you do?  You go straight to Google and search for Cheap Golf Shoes.

Adidas Adipower Boost 2 Golf Shoes Q44661

Well we hope you find in your search because we have an amazing selection of cheap golf shoes.  However, sometimes people think the word cheap means you get what you pay for, at Golf Headquarters with our selection of clearance golf shoes that is not the case.  We search for the best deals and use our buying power to provide an awesome selection of inexpensive golf shoes at the cheapest price we can possibly offer.  We pride ourselves on our incredible variety of closeout or discontinued golf shoes so that you can keep more money in your bank account and still enjoy the game of golf, while taking care of your feet with the best golf footwear on the market.

We’ve all seen the commercials that promise, further drives each year, longer iron shots, or even the longest fairway wood on the market.  Each year, golf’s top brands go to their R & D (Research & Development) team, and say to them how can we as a company, design a golf club that creates more ball speed, swing-speed, and ultimately more distance.  Some also try to create golf clubs that not only go further, but straighter as well. We know you’ve seen the advertisements that talk about the highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) in a driver, iron, or any golf club, which truly does create longer and straighter golf shots on mis-hits, while actually creating a larger sweet-spot on the club face.  Does it add another 5, 10, or 20 yards to your drive because it’s a 2017 model as opposed to a 2016 model?  That may be true or not, but that’s another argument, the point is that technology in golf clubs, golf balls, or other equipment may make a difference in your game each year when you purchase the latest and greatest, but with golf shoes the story may paint a different picture.  Let’s dig in deeper.

So yes, new golf shoes come to the market every year and provide new technology for comfort, fit, stability, and durability.  The truth is for most golfers, and what you have to ask yourself is how much difference a current 2017 golf shoe style makes versus last year’s similar model golf shoe.  In most cases, for the large majority of golfers, it won’t lower your score, and that’s why we don’t fault you for searching for cheap golf shoes online.  In fact, we praise you for it because Golf Headquarters has the ability to provide you with the largest selection of cheap golf shoes.

FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes

We know that every golfer has a budget in life, and even if golf is one of your largest passions or only just a fun hobby in your life, it can never hurt to save up to 75% off on a pair of brand new golf shoes at the cheapest price possible.  Why not save some of your hard-earned money and either spend it in another aspect of your life, maybe another hobby, your family, or if you’re that passionate about golf you can use your savings from purchasing from our discount golf shoe selection to spend more time on the course, driving range, grab a lesson from a local PGA teaching professional, or upgrade your golf equipment or golf clubs instead.

As mentioned above, sometimes the word cheap has a negative connotation, as it could seem like you are only getting what you pay for, however in the golf shoe industry we urge you to think otherwise.  Cheap golf shoes aren’t poorly made; all of our closeout golf shoes on sale still carry each manufacturer’s waterproof warranty as well as their comfort guarantee.  The only true difference remains in the year that style hit the golf market and once anywhere from 9 months to 24 months go by, you can find that same golf shoe on sale at a heavily discounted price because each golf brand, whether it’s FootJoy, Adidas, or any other brand, they all want to continue to improve the line of golf shoes that they can offer their consumers.

New golf shoe models and colors come out each year.  Some better colors may remain at their current price longer, obviously the neutral colors, like white and black, tend to stay in each brand’s current line longer than say a flashier color like lime green, bright orange, or yellow, but eventually each golf company will discontinue an entire style golf shoe line and replace it with an entirely new golf shoe style.

FootJoy DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes on Sale

If you think about FootJoy’s upper echelon of golf shoes and have a great memory, it used to be Synr-G, then XPS-1, then came FootJoy DNA (DryJoys Next Advancement).  Often in cases when a golf shoe line has tremendous amount of success for a particular golf brand they will keep that model in their shoe lineup but change the cosmetic look of the shoe just as FootJoy did with FJ DNA 2.0 or FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes.  Adidas has done the same thing with many styles, think about the Adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes or even Nike’s Tiger Woods – TW line of golf shoes that remains a premium golf shoe in their linup, however they denote the year of each style of Nike TW Golf Shoes so you, the customer can differentiate one year’s style, look, or added technology from one to the next. That’s when you take advantage of the savings on their previous season shoe styles.

Let’s face it that’s the nature of the golf industry and in fact it is the real nature of any apparel or shoe industry, whether it’s in the sport of golf, or in the overall fashion industry as a whole.  We’ve all seen last season’s apparel or shoes at prices up to 75-85% off, for the sole reason that it’s not current.  Every brand that creates any type of apparel or fashion item is always bringing a new look to the market, but guess what, in golf we’re lucky, golf shoes remain in style much longer than any other piece of apparel.  In other fashion or apparel industries styles can change every three months or every other season.  Again thankfully we’re talking about the golf shoe industry and that’s why Golf Headquarters is a huge advocate of making sure that we can not only give you an entire selection of the newest golf shoes or best golf shoes from all of golf’s best brands for the 2017 year, but we can also provide our customers who can’t pass up a deal with huge savings on inexpensive and cheap golf shoes while still providing them with a great golf shoe that helps them perform their best on the golf course.

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