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Closeout Golf Shoes are one of the most popular golf items sold online today. There are many misconceptions about them among prospective customers. Here at, we have many customers who are confused about exactly what “closeout” means. This term simply means that a particular shoe has been “closed-out” by the manufacturer and is no longer a current style. This could mean it is from a previous year’s line or production has been discontinued. This is why we may only have certain size options on closeout golf shoes, production has been stopped so whatever we have in-stock is all that is available. There are also some customers who believe closeout golf shoes are damaged or worn before; this is not the case. They are brand new shoes in perfect condition which have never been used. It really just means they are heavily discounted clearance golf shoes at super cheap prices and represent an amazing savings.

FootJoy Closeout Golf Shoes











FootJoy M Project Closeout Golf Shoes










There are numerous advantages to buying closeout golf shoes. First of all, you are able to buy brand new shoes at a fraction of the original price. Most of the closeout golf shoes at are approximately 40 to 50 percent off the original price and some are up to 70 percent off. Many golfers do not want to spend $150 to $200 on a pair of brand new, in-line golf shoes which may be discounted months later. With discount golf shoes, you may be able to get two pairs for the price of one full-priced shoe; this can add a lot of value to a customer’s purchase. The closeout golf shoe selection at Golf HQ features numerous styles and color options available from top manufacturers including FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, and Ashworth. With style and apparel becoming more and more important among today’s golfers, the ability to purchase multiple pairs and colors to match different outfits can be very attractive to buyers.

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