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Don’t let back problems ruin your golf game. Find out how to keep your aches and pains in check without giving up on your favorite hobby.

If you have a bad back from golf, read this blog postWhile the motion of swinging a golf club feels fully concentrated in the arms and shoulders, twisting the body to make the shot puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the lower back, so it’s no surprise that back pain is one of the most common complaints among golfers of all ages and experience levels. It makes little difference whether you’re an occasional player or hoping to go pro. If you golf, chances are that you’ll experience back problems at one point or another while playing a game or in between tournaments. Fortunately, feeling that dreaded sting of pain in your lower back doesn’t mean that you have to retire your club until you’re fully recovered. From improving your technique to taking better care of your body, the accessible strategies below can help you control your back aches on and off the golf course.

Buy Better Golf Equipment

Low-quality equipment not only affects your game, but using it on a regular basis can actually contribute to your back pain. Another reason to get better clubs is that you naturally have less control when you play with any type of physical pain, so you’ll need powerful equipment to make up for your lost strength.

Get Loose Before and After Playing

Warming up won’t do much for your technique, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing injuries and lower back pain by increasing blood flow to your muscles. In addition to making you more flexible and less prone to injuries, doing light cardio before you get started helps keep your blood pressure steady, lubricates your joints and improves balance. Cooling down after the game is equally as important as warming up. Taking a few minutes to wind down eases soreness, gradually slows down your heart rate and prevents dizziness. To learn how to both warm up and cool down, follow this simple guide from the Mayo Clinic.

Concentrate on Fluid Movements

Abruptly twisting your body while you swing is about the worst thing you can do for your lower back. To avoid accidental injuries, focus on making every movement smooth, controlled and coordinated.

Improve Your Technique

In general, amateurs are more prone to back pain than more experienced players because they haven’t yet perfected their game. Take a look at the step-by-step playing directions from Golf Digest for professional techniques that will help you keep back pain to a minimum.

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