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Making the jump from novice to not quite novice in a few easy steps

Use draws and fades to take your golf game to the next levelThere’s a good reason that golf is known as the “greatest game on earth.” It’s a challenging and frustrating but sublimely rewarding sport that has something to offer for people from all walks of life. Assuming you stick with your golf “education,” each achievement and improvement seems like a life-altering milestone that opens up new doors while presenting new problems to solve. Few aspects of the game are more important to understand and master than two advanced shot types: draws and fades.

What Are Draws?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding around the concept of a draw shot. First, note that a properly executed draw curls from right to left. To hit this shot, you’ll need to point your shoulders to the right of your intended target and hit the ball on a flight line that runs parallel to this alignment. Despite what some “experts” might say, you don’t have to worry about pointing your club face to the left of your target. As long as your shoulders are aligned properly, physics will do the hard work for you.

What Are Fades?

Fades mirror draws. To execute a successful fade, hold an open stance that finds your chest facing the target and your shoulders aligned to the left of your target. If you hit your fade correctly, you should get the ball to curve from left to right without verging off the line that your shoulders have created.

When to Use These Shots

Fades and draws are particularly useful for precision shots that aim for a tight target range. If you’re dealing with a steeply sloping green or narrow fairway that leaves little room for error, these shots can prevent unintended overshooting and reduce the likelihood that your shot will veer off course. However, improperly executed fades and draws can fall wildly short of their targets.

When Should You Use a Straight Shot Instead?

Fades and draws don’t always offer the best chance of success for golfers in tricky spots. If you’re looking to call up your power reserves for a true shot down a long, straight fairway or up a gentle incline without much of a backslope, a straight shot is likely to serve you better. Unless you’re a true pro, fading or drawing a shot will take a lot of power off your hit and could produce unexpected results.

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