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Equipment Spotlight: Tour Edge Golf

The cash is in the Technology.

As a golfing consumer, you’ve certainly heard of Tour Edge Golf. But that may be it; you’ve heard of them. You vaguely remember seeing an ad in a magazine or on TV, or you passed their rack at your local golf shop. But I encourage you to keep them in mind the next time you are looking to upgrade something in your bag. Even if you’re not, I can almost guarantee they will outperform whatever you have in your bag now, which may force an unexpected, early upgrade; especially with your woods or hybrids. 

Tour Edge invests most of their money into R & D (research and development), and the technology of the equipment itself. Thus, six and seven figure endorsement deals with players do not exist. But that doesn’t mean they lack exposure on the world’s biggest tours. Data taken from all of 2018 and so far in 2019, counts 519 clubs in play on the PGA, Champions, and Korn Ferry Tours. This includes 11 wins, 48 top 5’s, 82 top 10’s, and 154 top 25’s. This doesn’t include Phillis Meti’s win at the Women’s World Long Drive Championship using a Tour Edge Exotics XJ1 driver. 

Let’s begin with their current driver, the EXS. This stick is loaded with tech, to ensure every player hits the longest and straightest drives of their life. Winner of our in-house Golf HQ March Madness Driver contest and My Golf spy’s best value driver of 2019, the EXS boats RollFace technology which the company states makes miss-hits off the toe fly longer and straighter.

The toe is the most common area where players of all abilities mis-hit their driver the most. At a retail price of $299, modest on today’s market, you get a superior TSP 910 Beta Titanium faceplate, fused with an ultra light carbon fiber crown. This construction allows weight to be strategically placed lower and deeper in the head, which produces optimal spin rates an industry-leading high MOI. MOI stands for moment of inertia which relates to the club’s resistance to twist on off-center hits at impact. The less it twists, the straighter your ball flies. It’s that simple. The Flight Tuning system allows you to adjust the center of gravity by moving 2 weights in the sole, and the adjustable hosel allows for 8 different settings when it comes to loft and lie angle. The stock shaft in the EXS is the Tensei Blue my Mitsubishi. This shaft is available in a variety of weights, flexes, and torques to fit your ball flight and feel needs.

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The company’s bread and butter are fairway woods and hybrids. These are the most popular choice of the world’s best players when it comes to which Tour Edge Exotics product they put in their bag. Developed with similar construction as the driver, the EXS fairway woods feature a hyper-strength carpenter steel head. This steel is heated to 750 degrees to allow enough strength to make the face as thin as possible. This leads to explosive distance and feel. What makes these woods so easy to launch off the turf is the slipstream sole. This is a wider speed channel that is visible on the sole, and leads to increased club speed off the fairway or through the rough. The center of gravity is actually positioned more forward than past models. This is done to decrease spin and promote a flatter trajectory, especially in the wind. Flight Tuning is also available in the woods and hybrids, just as the driver. These are adjustable weights which can alter the center of gravity for a desired ball flight. The EXS hybrids feature all the same construction and technology as the fairway woods. If you aren’t playing at least one to replace that pesky 3 or 4 iron; you’re cheating yourself of better scores. 

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The Exotics EXS Irons are game improvement based and feature a hollow body head and feature a tech called SpiderWeb VFT. Along with the forged cup-face, this tech expands the sweet spots on the long irons, and creates an undercut cavity on the short irons. This leads to an attribute the company calls “LaunchPad technology.”  This ensures optimal launch with each iron, which makes it easier to hit the long irons in the air and keeps the short irons from ballooning.

All this advanced tech and materials allows the company to keep the top-line thin and traditional for a nice clean look at address. They don’t look too bulky or clunky when you set up to the ball. There is also a CBX Forged player’s iron and a set of blades, for the lower handicap and scratch player.

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When you hear the term “value line” you think cheaper and maybe even downgraded technology or quality. That’s not the case with Tour Edge. Their HL3 (Hot Launch 3) Hybrid Iron set won Best Super Game Improvement Irons in an independent test. This full set of iron-woods is the ultimate choice for the player who lacks the speed they once had and just need a set they can hit high and straight. You get a hyper steel hollow body, a forged face, and VFT technology in a set that’s priced around $500.

The options are endless when it comes to set make-up as well. You can get a full set of hybrid iron-woods, or incorporate hybrids with cavity-back irons for the ultimate combo set.

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Tour Edge is a complete brand from top to bottom. They offer everything discussed above in a beautiful women’s line, and they have a great variety of sets and choices for junior golfers. The company boats a guaranteed 48 hour delivery window for all custom orders. This means once we custom fit you, there’s no waiting 2 weeks to get your new sticks! That my friends is high quality equipment mixed with high end customer service. Buy with confidence, and know you are getting industry-leading technology and some of the best performing golf equipment on the market for your hard-earned money. That along with the new course record, should help you sleep at night.

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Enjoy the game and each other,

Written by Seth Zipay, Head Golf Professional
Published by Craig Walton

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