First Look: Edel SMS Wedges

When we talk custom fitting we are usually talking about your irons, driver, and fairway woods. We throw around terms like center of gravity, launch angle, spin rate, and smash factor. But when it come to wedges, outside of maybe lie angle or loft-gapping, you rarely hear a player say to his buddies, “Hey Marty, I have a wedge fitting scheduled for Saturday.” Enter Edel Golf.

Wedge masters like Vokey, Cleveland, and Ping have been doing different sole grinds to fit a player based on their game for awhile now, and we all know bounce is dependent on a player’s attack angle and course conditions. But specialty company Edel takes the wedge fitting one step further with the first wedge with moveable weights. Their Swing Match Weighting Technology features 3 machined out weight ports in the back of the sole with the neutral setting having the heavier weight in the center. In an independent test, players saw a 44% increase in accuracy, distance, and dispersion combined when fit properly. In fact, 80% of those testers actually saw the best results with the heavier weight placed somewhere other than the center.

The Edel SMS wedge is forged from super-soft Japanese 1025 carbon steel which delivers a beautiful and unique feel off the face. The machined sole grinds offer more consistency and tighter tolerances. What really stood out when I first removed it from the box is the elegant finish. It’s unlike any other wedge on the market. Edel calls it a Cream Chrome finish. It’s not dull and it not cheaply plated; it’s gorgeous. Full-face grooves paired with a laser engraved diamond texture increases spin, whether you’re hitting a full shot or an open-faced flop from deep rough.

There are 4 available grinds to fit every player and really dial in your short game. The C-Grind is cambered shaped with lower bounce and a wider sole. This fits players with a shallow or moderate attack angle or those that barely take a divot. Even though the bounce is low, the wider sole adds versatility from the bunkers and shots around the green.

The T-Grind is a triple-sole grind utilizing a high bounce leading edge, followed by a crescent-shaped lower bounce and extreme heel relief. This suits players with a moderate to steeper attack and take normal sized divot. This T-Grind allows the player to open the face without affecting the bounce. This means better performance off of tight lies.

The V-Grind is v-shaped with a medium to high bounce. This appeals to players with a moderate to steep attack angle and who take a larger divot. The higher bounce angle is closer to the leading edge, which allows the sole to engage the turf quickly with minimal hesitation, especially out of the sand.

The D-Grind is a dual surfaced, high bounce option for players with a steel angle of attack and who take a large, deep divot. The midsole channel creates a dual sole with 2 separate bounce surfaces. The high bounce leading edge allows players to cut through the turf without resistance while the higher bounce on the secondary sole prevents digging.

The Edel SMS wedge is available in-house for fitting and the entire line will be available on in late February/early March.

Enjoy the game and each other,

Seth Zipay – Head Golf Professional

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