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Golf GPS Watches on the Rise

The Golf GPS Watch is becoming one of the hottest trends among today’s golfers. This wearable technology provides numbers benefits over handheld devices which can be inconvenient in many ways. First of all, this new technology has helped to speed up the pace of the game. With hand held GPS devices, you have to stop to take your device out of your bag or cart, configure it, use it as needed and then secure it again. Golf GPS watches allow you to quickly access the device, use it and move on in much less time.

In addition to speeding up the game, you are also much less likely to lose or damage the device since it is on your wrist. These new designs also now come equipped with incredibly useful and beneficial features. These features include distance to the front, center and back of the green as well as hazard detection and access to thousands of pre-loaded courses. Many of these products also come with manufacturer warrantees so you can have peace of mind if you happen to damage your watch.  In addition to these performance attributes, most of the watches come with a very sleek and fashionable design. The watches are very comfortable to wear and fit seamlessly into players on course attire and style.

The main suppliers of Golf GPS watches today include Golf Buddy, Garmin, Bushnell and SkyCaddie. Below, we have provided images for a few of the newest GPS Golf Watches that are on the market today. You can click on the name of the product to see their prices, features and capabilities.

Golf Buddy WT4

Golf Buddy WT4 Golf GPS Watches












Garmin Approach S6

Approach S6 Golf GPS Watches








SkyCaddie Linx

SkyCaddie Linx Golf GPS Watches











Bushnell NEO XS

Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Watches











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