Golf Terms 101: Knowing Your Slang

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Golf Terms 101: Knowing Your Slang

Golf terms can be somewhat strange and off the wall so we have provided a guide for you to know your golf slang. The game of golf, or something resembling it, has been played since the 13th century. That means golfers have been breaking their clubs and cursing at their balls for more than 800 years. Millions of people all over the world enjoy playing golf, even if they’re not very good at it. Golf has a language all its own. Here is a list of some of the most basic golf slang.

Golf Terms







Golf Jargon

Par: The number of strokes it should take a player to put his ball in the hole.

Ace: An ace is when you hit the ball into the hole with one stroke. It’s also called a hole in one.

Bogie: A bogie is a score that is one stroke above par for a particular hole.

Double bogey: A double bogie means you shot two strokes over par for a hole.

Snowman: A snowman is a score of eight, which resembles a snowman when written on a scorecard.

Birdie: A birdie is one stroke below par for any hole.

Eagle: An eagle is two strokes below par.

Double eagle: A double eagle is three strokes below par. It’s also called an albatross because it is so rare.

Sticks: Golfers refer to their clubs as sticks.

Straight stick: The straight stick is the putter.

Drivers: The biggest clubs in the bag are the drivers.

Irons or wedges: The irons or wedges are a series of clubs with varying clubface angles and shaft lengths.

Foot wedge: When a golfer kicks his ball to move it from a bad position, he uses his foot wedge.

Beach: The beach is a sand trap.

Getting wet: When a golfer hits the ball into a stream or pond, the ball gets wet.

Dance floor: Another name for the putting area, or green, is the dance floor.

Hook: A hooked ball is pulled to the left for a right-handed player.

Slice: A sliced ball curves to the right for a right-handed player.

Whiff: If a golfer completely misses the ball, it’s called a whiff. Other golfers will laugh at you if you whiff.

Mulligan: A mulligan is a do-over of an errant shot. Mulligans are not permitted in professional golf or when betting on a round.

The 19th hole: After completing a round of golf, players frequently retire to the clubhouse, or 19th hole, to enjoy a refreshing beverage, such as a beer or something stronger depending on how they played.

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