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How to Change Golf Spikes

Learning how to change golf spikes is important for golfers of any type. Maintaining the spikes on your FJ Mens Golf Shoes is extremely important for performance. Spikes which are worn down or old will prevent you from having adequate footing and grip with the course. In order to change your spikes, you will need a cleaning brush, towel, spike wrench, divot repair tool and your replacement spikes.

How To Change Golf Spikes











You should start by making sure the bottoms of your shoes are completely clean. Clean the bottom of the shoe with a wet cleaning brush then use a towel to dry them off. Keep cleaning the same way until all dirt and residue is removed. You will then take a spike wrench, place it on the spike and rotate it counter-clockwise. After one turn, the spike should loosen up and be ready for removal. Certain spike removal tools will have two prongs which need to be inserted into corresponding holes on the spike. For these tools, simply insert the prongs into the associated holes and rotate counter-clockwise until they are loose enough to be removed. For older metal spikes, pliers may be required for complete removal. You should throw away the removed spikes once you are finished.

How to Change Golf Spikes











You should look to see if there is any dirt or particles left over in the holes where spikes have been removed. If so, you can use a divot repair tool to reach up into the area and remove any remnants. Once you have cleaned the sole and removed the old spikes, you should put the new spike in place and rotate it clockwise until tight. Repeat this process for all remaining spikes on the shoe. The spike wrench can be used to ensue the spikes are as tight as possible. Be sure to avoid wearing your spiked shoes on concrete, blacktop and other hard surfaces. This wears the plastic spikes down faster, therefore shortening the amount of use you can get from them. Learning how to change golf spikes properly will ensure you get maximum performance on the course.

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