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How to Organize a Golf Outing

A golf outing can be a great way to raise money for a charity or cause. However, organizing an outing on your own requires a serious amount of work and planning to be successfully executed. We have put together a simple guide of key steps and decisions that you will need to make.

One of the first steps is deciding how many players you want to play in your event. Smaller scale events can include as little as 15-20 golfers while bigger outings can have many more. Depending on the size of the event, you will need to decide what type of start you will use. Most outings utilize a shotgun start with the selected groups each starting on different holes. The selected course will be able to help you plan the start of the event depending on the size and scope of the outing.

How to Organize a Golf Outing








The next step in the process is deciding what format you will want to use. It is important to remember that most golf outings include participants that only golf casually and do not play all that often.  Therefore, most events tend to use a “scramble” format, which can prevent casual golfers from becoming too frustrated. Here is how a scramble format works:

-Each group plays one ball together as a team to obtain a group score

-Each player in the group hits a tee shot, the team then selects the best shot. The other 3 golfers pick up their shots and move to the location of the best shot to hit again

-This format is followed throughout the hole with each stroke played from the best location until the ball is holed out.

One of the other large tasks of planning an outing is pursuing sponsorships and donations. For charitable events, these sponsorships allow you to cover some of your costs. In exchange, sponsors are able to gain visibility, promotion and the goodwill of contributing to a great cause or charity.

Some examples of golf outing sponsorships include:

Gift bag sponsors, prize sponsors, beverage cart sponsor, golf hole sponsors and more.

How to Organize a Golf Outing







In addition to raising funds for your charity or cause, you also want to be sure everyone who participates has a great experience. Therefore, the more prizes you can provide, the better your outing will end up being. You will certainly want to provide the standard prizes for first, second and third place in the scramble. In addition, prizes for things like closest to the pin or longest drive can be a great idea and create a ton of fun. You may also consider asking sponsors to donate prizes for a 50/50 raffle, silent auction or something similar.

Finally, you should finish the day with some type of dinner/awards ceremony. At this dinner, you can thank and recognize your sponsors as well as distribute prizes to participants.


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