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How to Regrip Golf Clubs

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

This guide is for anyone who wants to know How to Regrip Golf Clubs at home themselves.  Below we list all of the materials needed as well as every detail you’ll need to know to get started regripping your own golf clubs.  Please read through the entire guide before getting started.

Materials Needed to Regrip Golf Clubs

  • Grips
  • Utility knife with a large hook blade
  • Heat gun or propane torch (optional)
  • Two way tape either 2 inch wide or ½ inch wide (some companies list it as 48mm or 18mm width)
  • Solvent- grip solvent that is odorless, water activated, lighter fluid, or naphtha
  • Vice
  • Rubber golf shaft clamp
  • Masking tape or duct tape (if building up grips)
  • A cookie sheet about 18 by 12 inches for spillage
  • Optional- pressurized grip remover

The above items can be purchased at any hardware store or a reputable mail-order golf supply company.  You can purchase grips at any local Golf Headquarters store.

How to Choose a Golf Grip

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

This is purely a personal choice. There are many styles, materials, sizes and colors available.  Visiting a local, reputable golf store will have a wide selection of grips.  Any golf store should have golf technicians available to help you with your selection and also help fit you in the proper size for your personal gripping on the club.

Some golfers prefer one or two wraps on masking tape before adding the grip tape. If you go more than two wraps, I would suggest moving to a mid-sized grip.  Although hand size can be a factor, desired ball flight should also be considered also.   I have found that a person with large hands should consider a mid or oversized grip.   A larger grip will reduce hand action and tends to produce a fade (Jack Nicklaus always had his grips built up and we all know that his main ball flight was a fade). A smaller size grip with provide the opposite result with more hand action producing a draw.  I have also found that some former baseball players preferred a larger grip to produce the feel of the baseball bat.

Another reason to use larger grips would be if you have any hand problem like arthritis where you can’t comfortably close your hands around the golf grip. Once again, when you are purchasing a grip, try both a midsize and oversize grip. You will need at least 3 wraps of tape to make a regular grip mid-sized and at least 6 wraps to make one oversized. There is far more work in adding the tape compared to buying the grip size that feels best.

I would strongly recommend that you request a catalog from a company such as Golfworks to buy any supplies you may need. The catalog is free of charge and has a wealth of information. There are many grips with different characteristics available with information as to what style and size you may prefer.  Once again a store that sells grips will have many of these to feel and see for a better hands on approach.

You can check the butt size of the shaft to order the right size grip.  Most steel butted shafts are a .600 size and the grip can be ordered to fit that size. The number is listed in the catalogs and also on the the inside of grip at the bottom.

How to Remove Your Golf Grips

Now that you have chosen the grip that you prefer, you are ready to start the process!  First you will remove the old grip. A utility knife with a hook blade is the best tool for this. The hook blade is less likely to scar a graphite shaft when pulling it from the bottom of grip to the end of it.   How to Regrip Golf ClubsPut the club in a vice using the rubber clamp to hold the shaft in place.  This clamp is vital to keep from damaging the shaft when securing it in the vice.  Place the club in a horizontal position with the toe pointing skyward. This is very important as it enables you to slide the grip on in the position you want it be in when the regripping is completed.  Putting the hook blade at the bottom of the grip, pull it towards the butt end of club, cutting the grip as you go.  You can also remove the grip with a hook bade without putting the club in a vice, just make sure you always pull away from yourself when cutting through the grip.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Once that is completed, you can then remove the old grip. There is a way to save a grip but requires more equipment and technique.  Since you are replacing the grip because you want to have a new one in place, there is no need to tackle the technique at this time.

The next step is to remove the tape. This can be time consuming especially if the tape has been on for a while. Even more so if you have purchased the clubs used and someone else has put more than one layer of tape on the shaft, either to make the grip thicker or just plain laziness!

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Here is a tip to get tape of quickly. Using a propane torch or heat gun, lightly go over the whole piece of tape. You can remove shaft from vice and hand hold it.  This may sound scary but do it quickly and do not linger on any one spot. This process dries the adhesive and causes the tape to pull right off. It can also be used on graphite but be very careful not to use too much heat from torch or you will really damage the graphite, hence the shaft itself. Heat gun would be advisable on graphite shaft.  It is a lot safer it do on steel shaft since it won’t melt the steel.  If you do not feel comfortable with this process  then just take the time to peel away without the heat.  I would recommend taking shaft out of vice to complete this step.  You can also purchase a tool as shown above to scrape the tape off of steel shafts.

How to Install Golf Grips

Now you are ready to start the process of putting on your new grip.  Put club toe up, back into vice using the rubber clamp and measure the length of tape you are going to use.  You can do this by placing the grip next to butt end of shaft and marking with a magic marker where the end of the grip will be on the shaft. I recommend the wider approximately 2inch tape since it is much easier to apply and works very well and is much easier to install.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Place end of tape about an ½ inch short of the mark you just made and run it toward the butt end with the middle of tape adhering to the shaft.  At this point you can peel off the outer paper so that both sides are tacky.  The next step is to push the two sides of the tape onto the shaft until it all fits around it.  The ½’ to 1 inch of double-sided tape that is past the very butt of the shaft can be pushed into the hole at the butt end.  This will provide a slippery starting point to start the grip onto the shaft.

Now you are ready for the solvent to activate the tacky tape.  You can buy a bottle of odorless solvent designed to use for this purpose or naphtha or even lighter fluid. There is also a water activated tape available but it will take a little longer to set up. Overnight should be plenty of time.  If you are doing a set of clubs, the odorless solvent or water activated is very good because you won’t need ventilation but it does take a little longer to set up. Unless you are using the clubs very soon as in next couple of hours, it works fine.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Regardless of which solvent you use, this is the most important step!  USE AN AMPLE SUPPL Y OF SOLVENT! Put a cookie sheet under the shaft so the extra solvent can fall into it and be reused. It also will make for a no mess situation.  Turn the grip upside down and cover the hole on the butt end with your finger or you can use a golf tee.  Pour a generous amount of solvent into the grip and then pinch the open end and give it a shake or two to get the solvent to thoroughly wet the inside of the grip. Next pour solvent out of grip onto entire length of the two sided tape.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Once the solvent is emptied from grip, pinch the open end of grip right behind the opening to make it larger and push over the butt end. Slide it down quickly as far as it will go. Check the butt end so it is completely on the club. This is a common error and a costly one because once the grip starts down the shaft it will be very difficult to pull it back off to put more solvent. Without enough solvent the grip will not go completely onto the shaft. If it stops half way down ,you will need a pressurized grip remover to take it back off.  This is an approximately $100 item that you don’t need to purchase for just doing your own clubs!  You should line up the logo etc. on grip with club face so when you push it down the shaft you will have very little time to turn it to line it up.

Once this is done immediately take it out of vice and put the toe against the baseboard or some immovable object in a golf address position for a final line up if needed.  Some people prefer the logo on the bottom, so whatever you prefer, now is the time to do it. There are usually small white marks on the top and bottom line of grip that can be used. Grips can’t be twisted if you do not use enough solvent, which again is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

A caution when installing Winn grips or any grip that has an under listing. Aside from several brands of putter grips, Winn may be the only one that is constructed this way. These are two part grips with a thin rubber grip that has the actual grip you see put over it. DO NOT twist these when applying as you risk the chance of separating the two materials and basically ruining the grip. Really use enough solvent so that they will slip straight down the shaft.

The last step is to take a paper towel to clean of any residue left on the grip or shaft. This will leave you with a professional looking finish. When using the odorless solvent, you may use a towel with naphtha or lighter fluid to clean off grip and shaft.

Hopefully this information will be of help to you in learning How to Regrip Golf Clubs and give you a personal satisfaction and a closer connection to your equipment.

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