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Junior golf clubs have become more and more popular as parents look to provide their kids with the best opportunity to successfully learn the game of golf. There are many questions that parents have when deciding what clubs to give their young golfers.

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One of the first questions asked is how many clubs a junior golfer should have. Most experts will tell you that it is completely unnecessary for your child to have 10-14 clubs in their bag when starting out. Longer, more difficult clubs to control can frustrate a young golfer and discourage them from learning more. It is crucial to remember that making sure your kids have fun with the game is most important. If they do not enjoy playing the game, they will not be eager to learn more and improve their game.

We believe it is most important for juniors to become comfortable with basic clubs like a wedge and putter before moving to others. Wedges obviously will allow young players to get the ball in the air easily. This is an extremely important first step before moving on to more difficult clubs. Once a junior golfer feels confident with those two clubs, it may be time to add a driver, hybrid and 7-iron. When a junior is under the age of 10, their swing speeds are typically not fast enough to create legitimate distance gaps. The gaps between clubs are very small and insignificant, which is why they only need a handful of clubs at first.

Junior Golf Clubs










When it is time for your child to use a driver, length is extremely important. Many believe they can purchase a longer driver and allow the junior to grow into it, but this is a mistake. A driver that is too long can teach a young golfer poor technique and create slower hand speed. U.S. Kids Golf is a club manufacturer who specializes in junior golf clubs and uses something called “The 2/3 Solution” to find the optimal driver length. You simply multiply the player’s height in inches by 2/3 (.667) to find the ideal driver length in inches. As with adults, the driver should be 2/3 of their height.

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Until a junior golfer is taller than 60 inches in height, it is really not necessary to have them professionally fit to every club. Companies like U.S. Kids Golf provide pre-packaged sets for specific ages and heights. These sets of junior golf clubs will work great until they are tall enough to be professionally fit.


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