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What’s Happening in Junior Golf

The Current State of Youth and Junior Golf in the U.S.

Those unfamiliar with the world of golf might think of old men in argyle socks when they hear the game mentioned, but golf is much more diverse than that. The rising popularity of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is a great example of the sport’s diversity, but it’s not only women who are heading out to golf courses more and more. It’s also youth, who are finding a new passion for this classic sport.

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Is Junior Golf Popular Today?

The economic recession hit the golf world hard. Even though new interest in golf has been considered relatively static for the past few years, there’s an exception when it comes to girls. Young women from the ages of 6 to 17 now represent a substantial portion of new players interested in golf. In fact, enrollment in the LPGA’s Girls Golf program has increased tenfold since 2010. This is a big plus for both golf and women’s sports as a whole.

Of course, young men are also picking up the game of golf. Recognizing that golf needs new patrons, courses have worked to offer special junior programs and rates. Youth golf associations at the local, state and national levels hold classes, host tournaments and help parents find coaches for young golfers. The PGA even has a program that helps high school students work towards putting together resumes and swing videos to secure scholarships and spots on college golf teams.

Parents have also realized that golf offers many benefits to kids including improvements in physical fitness, coordination and mental concentration. There are golf programs in schools across the country that focus on fostering the skills of students and supporting their academic success.

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Getting Youth Invested in Golf

Youth participation in golf represents a real bright spot for the future. As more golf clubs and organizations work to make golf accessible to youth, more kids are hitting the links and learning the basics of the game of masters. They find inspiration in coaches and mentors who embrace their youth while honing their on-course skills, poise and etiquette.

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