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Mizuno – Equipment Spotlight

Traditional design, exceptional feel, and superior attention to detail…..these are just a few of the qualities that Mizuno has brought to the sports industry for over 100 years. With decades of success in baseball and volleyball, Mizuno is a long-time leader in golf among forged irons. They notoriously put out some of the softest feeling irons ever created. But Mizuno is not a one trick pony. Their 2019 line of ST190 G drivers and metal woods is their best yet, and they have finally launched the highly anticipated Mizuno golf ball in the USA; something they have had on the Japan Professional Golf Tour for years.

An iron design that has caught fire over the last few years is a forged cavity-back. 20 years ago if you wanted forgiveness you had to play a perimeter-weighted cavity back. If you wanted feel and workability, you had to play a forged blade or muscle-back, which offers little room for error. Now you can get the best of both worlds. Enter the JPX forged line. With Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process and a milled face, the company was able to spread the weight out around the perimeter of the clubface, design a narrow top-line at address, and a not-so bulky sole. At setup you get a clean, classy looking golf club; at impact you get the buttery feel of a forged blade, and on off-center hits you get the forgiveness of a cavity-back. This line is extremely versatile and played by touring pros as well as 12 handicaps. Only 2% of card carrying PGA Tour members play true blades. Even the best in the world would like a little bit of forgiveness if they can get it. Especially in a club that still looks and feels great, and can still shape the ball in the direction they want. Brooks Koepka has won 3 majors with JPX Pro irons, without being paid a cent to endorse them. He trusts the craftsmanship and knows he is playing a world-class golf club.

Mizuno’s trademark color has always been that bright royal blue, and they have now incorporated it into their new S18 wedge. The S18 is available in a white satin finish, which is soft chrome, black gunmetal, and yes………blue ion.  The center of gravity is located in a different spot in each wedge depending on the loft. For instance, in higher lofts the weight if shifted higher in the head which results in more consistent spin rates. This will help cut down on making impact with the ball high on the face. If anyone has ever hit a full wedge out of the rough, only to have the ball roll up the face, knows that the shot doesn’t carry anywhere as far as a center hit. All 3 models are constructed of carbon steel, which is 30% stronger and softer than stainless. A milled face and quad-cut grooves make these among the highest spinning wedges on the market.

As mentioned earlier, we finally get the highly anticipated Mizuno golf ball here in the states. The ball comes in 2 different models; the RB Tour and the RB Tour X. Both balls feature the patented C-dimple pattern, which leads to better aerodynamics and make both fabulous balls to play in the wind. The RB Tour will spin less from tee to green, especially for players with very steep attack angles. Buy Your RB Tour Golf Balls at GolfHQ.com > The RB Tour X will launch higher with all clubs and feel softer. It will spin more around the greens and is made for players with flatter or upright attack angles. Buy Your RB Tour X Golf Balls at GolfHQ.com >

Often overlooked, Mizuno is also a major player in the driver and fairway wood game. The ST190 and 190G drivers look gorgeous at address and deliver the lowest spin rates of any wood in the company’s history. That means don’t be afraid to launch it high for incredible distance numbers. The SP700 forged titanium face is enhanced with a lighter structure known as Coretech which leads to some of the highest ball speeds on the market. The ST190 has a fixed back-weight which brings the center of gravity low and deep, where the 190G features adjustable weights to create either a fade or draw bias clubface. You are able to adjust the loft in both models, however.

Mizuno is a premium brand and you’ll know you have something special in your hands when you address it. You will feel privileged to add any of their equipment to your bag and your game will be sure to benefit. See your local pro or fitting specialist and make sure you are playing the best equipment to help you shoot the best scores and have the most fun.

Enjoy the game and each other,

by Seth Zipay, Head Golf Professional

Published by Craig Walton

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