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Most Ridiculous Golfers

Shingo Katayama

Shingo Katayama had a great career on the Japan Golf Tour, where he was atop the money list five different times. He even tied for fourth at the PGA Championship in 2001; however it is unlikely he will be remembered for his golf. Katayama’s legacy will most likely be the ridiculous outfits he sported on the course. Cowboy hats, huge belt buckles, pink pants, pink gloves; these are just a few of the outlandish things Katayama has rocked while playing.

Payne Stewart

Payne is dearly missed by all in the golfing world and is one of the most iconic players in the modern era. His trademark outfit of knickers, high socks and newsboy cap was one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated or forgotten.

Rickie Fowler

Rickie is one of the most popular young players on tour because of his talent and his bold style. However, we can all agree that some of those style choices have been pretty rough. Pink hats, purple plaid pants, all-orange get ups, these are just a few of the questionable things he has sported. As of late, Fowler has gone more conservative with his style choices and most are grateful for that. I think we can all agree that clean cut Rickie is much better than long-hair, creepy mustache Rickie.

Ian Poulter

This guy here is something else, and some of his outfits over the years make that very clear. He has rocked a ridiculous reflective gold shirt, a vest with the Union Flag, and pants with the Claret Jug, just to name a few. Not to mention, that red and blonde dyed hair which there simply can be no explanation for.

John Daly

There is not much left to say about John Daly, this guy is in a league of his own. He is one of the most ridiculous golfers in history with his wild swings, outlandish outfits, drinking, smoking and temper tantrums. However, he may be one of the most lovable golfers on tour as well. Let’s face it; he is probably more like the common American man than any other player.


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