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New Golf Drivers for 2016

There are a number of new golf drivers 2016 which offer the latest technology and innovations from leading manufacturers. We take a look at some of the hottest new drivers below.

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Callaway XR 16 Driver

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Callaway enlisted the help of aerodynamics experts at aviation giant, Boeing, to design their new XR 16 Driver. The collaboration has produced a new crown shape which creates about 30% less air resistance than the XR Driver. The new club face on the XR 16 Driver produces 10% less air resistance, allowing you to experience increased speed and distance.

Cobra King F6 Adjustable Driver

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The new Cobra King F6 Driver features the latest and greatest in weighting technologies. Customized CG location is created by a 10 gram flip weight in the sole. It can be positioned at the front for reduced spin, lower trajectory and increased roll out. It can also be positioned at the rear for improved carry, higher trajectory and more forgiveness. The F6 Driver retains Cobra’s adjustable hosel technology to provide eight different loft settings and features an adjustable pad in the sole to produce a square face angle regardless of the loft setting being used. Customized look and style is provided by four different color options (White, Black, Blue, and Gray).

Cobra Max Driver

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The Cobra Max Driver is meant to make it easy for higher handicap golfers to launch the ball high and straight off the tee. An offset hosel design makes it easy to square the face at impact for high, straight drives. A speed channel face helps provide enhanced ball speed for great distance while maintaining forgiveness.

Cobra King LTD Driver

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The Cobra King LTD Driver features an innovative “Spaceport” 16g weight design on the head which uses Spiralock® technology to prevent over tightening and loosening. It is also equipped with Cobra’s MyFly loft technology which allows the golfer to adjust launch conditions with 8 loft settings. All of this combines to create what Cobra calls “The Ultimate Distance Machine”.

Ping G Driver

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The new Ping G Drivers include three models just as the previous G30 model did: the G, G LS Tec, and G SF Tec. Each model features loft adjustability (+/- 1°) and aerodynamic ridges on the crown which help reduce drag, increase swing speeds and create more carry. Dragonfly Technology and Vortec Technology combine with tabulators to create Ping’s longest and most forgiving drivers to date.

Nike Vapor Fly Driver

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The Nike Vapor Fly Driver is an improvement upon last year’s Vapor Speed driver. Nike has reduced the crown weight and shifted weight to the low perimeter for lower CG, higher launch conditions and improved carry. Changes have also been made to improve forgiveness and create faster ball speeds. However, the Vapor Fly retains Nike’s cavity back design and has the same adjustable hosel.

Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Adjustable Driver

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The Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Drivers were designed to create faster speeds and lower spin than previous models. A narrower “Power Grid” allows the face to flex more, leading to increased speeds. The EX9 features a new hosel with eight different loft and lie angle settings; golfers can adjust loft up or down by one degree.

Wilson FG Tour F5 Driver

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The Wilson FG Tour F5 Driver is one of the most customizable clubs currently available. It has a 6-way adjustable hosel which can be set between 8 and 12.5 degrees in half-degree increments. The hosel can even be adjusted without removing the head for tremendous convenience. You can further customize the club with a movable weight at the bottom of the head which allows you to choose from three different weight options for optimal spin and launch conditions.

TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Driver

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The Kalea line is TaylorMade’s very first complete line of women’s clubs. The Kalea Driver is extremely lightweight to assist with faster swing speeds while lower CG promotes higher launch and increased distance. The club also features a stylish, elegant design which looks as great as it performs.


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