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NFL Golf Bags

Over the past few years, NFL Golf Bags have become all the rage when it comes to on-course equipment for golfers. With the NFL becoming one of the most popular and visible sports leagues around the globe, it permeates into all corners of society. This of course includes golfers around the country, who are very likely to also be fans of an NFL team.  An NFL Golf Bag allows you to support your favorite team at any course you play and let the world know where your allegiance lies. For many sports fans, their favorite NFL team is an extreme source of pride and enjoyment as well an escape from the everyday hustle of work and other commitments. For many NFL fans, their favorite team has become a part of their identity and represents where they were raised or currently call home. These qualities make NFL Golf Bags the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday or special occasion. These bags have become one of the highest-selling products for golf retailers around the country, with constant and consistent demand that increases sharply around the Christmas holiday.

However, it is not only about supporting your favorite team.  The NFL Golf Bags on the market today come equipped with tremendous performance features and stylish, eye-catching designs. There are two companies who currently have NFL Licensed Golf Bags on the market, Team Golf USA & Wilson Sporting Goods. Each of these manufacturers offer both Stand and Cart Bag options; stand bags are meant for those who like to walk the course while cart bags are best for those who prefer to ride in a golf cart. Below, we have included the bags that are currently available from each company and highlighted the features of each.

Team Golf NFL Fairway Stand Bag:

Dallas Cowboys Fairway NFL Golf Bags by Team Golf

The Team Golf Fairway Stand Bag is full of features including an integrated top handle, 14-way full length dividers and six-location embroidery. It also comes equipped with five zippered pockets, two lift assist handles, cooler pocket, fleece-lined valuables pouch, removable rain hood, umbrella holder and a towel ring. Retractable legs allow you to stand the bag up while you are walking the course. The bag is also very lightweight, which allows you to carry the bag without discomfort throughout your round.


Team Golf NFL Victory Cart Bag:

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Golf Bags


The Team Golf Victory Cart Bag is a brand new 2015 model and is a must have for any sports fanatic who loves to golf.  The bag comes equipped with a 10-Way Top Divider System that divides into 3 bottom compartments, insulated cooler pocket, and an over-sized external putter well. A modern, stylish design makes the bag extremely stylish and eye-catching.


Wilson 2013 NFL Cart Bag:

Green Bay Packers NFL Golf Bags

This bag comes equipped with a 9 x 8 inch 14-way divider top with tube construction for easy access to your clubs and protection for the grips. Also features two large apparel pockets a velour-lined valuables pocket and two easy-access front pocket, and waterproof pockets to safely store your personal items. This bag is constructed from premium polyester nylon fabric, making it very durable.




  • 5 closed pockets
  • 2 large side apparel pockets
  • 2 large front accessory pockets
  • Insulated beverage pocket
  • External putter well
  • Towel and glove holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Detachable rain/travel hood


Wilson 2013 NFL Carry Bag

Wilson NFL Golf Bags

This carry bag has comes with many features including a new 9 x8 inch 5-way handled top. The NFL Carry Bag also has a premium light weight stand with angled feet and a stand lock strap. You are able to store many essentials along with all the extra items needed while on the golf course with the 7-closed pockets on the bag.





  • 3-stays construction
  • Premium diamond rip-stop fabric
  • Double-strap with 4 attachments points
  • 7 closed pockets
  • 1 full-length side clothing pocket
  • 1 large, side accessory pocket
  • 1 side valuables pocket
  • 2 side pockets
  • 1 front ball/accessories pocket
  • 1 large bottom, front beverage pocket
  • Large, side rangefinder pocket
  • Towel/glove holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Rain/travel hood

Hopefully this side-by-side comparison will help you determine which NFL Golf Bag is best for you.  Shop all NFL Golf Bags here and shop Golf Headquarters for all of your other golf equipment.

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