Phil Mickelson Secures His 44th PGA Tour Win

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Phil Mickelson Secures His 44th PGA Tour Win

PEBBLE BEACH — What’s in the bag of Phil Mickleson (48) who put on the final touches Monday after Sunday’s significant weather delay.
And it was well worth the wait.
Finishing a commanding performance at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament, the man locked down his 44th PGA Tour Win.. But how long can Phil hush Father Time?

“Historically, two things decline when guys get in their 40s: their putting and swing speed,” Phil said. “My putting has increased in the last three years and is the best it’s been in my career, and my swing speed is as fast as it’s ever been.

“It’s been a lot of work to get there, but I had a 5-to-6 mile-an-hour jump in the last year. … So there’s no reason I can’t play my best, but I cherish any victory because I’m competing against so many great young players.”

Ideally, we could go into tournament details with a play-by-play breakdown but that’s not what we’re here for, are we? We are all about the Gear.

What’s in the Bag?

Driver: Rogue Sub Zero Driver (9°) – HZRDUS T1100 Shaft

‘With the success of the Epic Driver, the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver implements many of the same technologies to offer the golfer exceptional ball speed and forgiveness through Jailbreak Technology. The Jailbreak Effect takes place when internal bars join the crown and sole to stiffen the body, allowing more energy to be transferred into the flexing of the face. This propels the golf ball forward.’ –
Learn More >

Irons: Callaway X Forged UT (3)
Callaway Epic Pro (4)
Callaway X Forged 18 Irons (5)
Callaway Apex MB 18 Irons (6)

Callaway’s X Forged Irons have Exceptional Feel and Control, Precision Grooves and CG Progression and Classic Shapping for that smooth appeal. Inspired by some of Callaway’s most popular forged irons, the Tour configured soles are desinged for excellent interaction from a variety of lies.

Callaway Apex MB 18 golf irons are suited for the best golfers and designed as true musclebacks. After listening to the pro golfer’s feedback, precision and performance have been packed into the smallest blade head that Callaway’s constructed to date. Agressively flighted shots come from the Advanced Center of Gravity design. You can take your mid-range to the next level, for a little over a grand..

Wedges: Callaway PM Grind 19 Wedges (54°, 60°, 64°) – KBS Tour V 125 Shafts

Hit Phil’s famous flop with the PM Grind 19s by Callaway. Some Tech Specs include an offset Groove-in-Groove for High Spin Lob and Pitch Shots.

‘Positioning the micro-grooves on a 20° angle in relation to the standard grooves promotes added spin on chips pitches and lobs.’ – Callaway Golf

With a higher toe, Callaway has increased the offset and higher center of gravity to help players control trajectory in both full and partial shots. We’re talking ‘flag-finding knockdown shots’ here. From the sounds of it, you can expect generous relief at the heel and toe of this wedge. The style makes for crisp and clean contact off any type of lie. Check out this video of Phil Mickelson with the PM Grind Wedge.

Fairway Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero Fairway Wood (13.5°) – Fubuki J Shaft

Callaway’s New Epic Flash Sub Zero Woods are equipped with AI-created Flash Face Technology. It has been designed to increase your ball speed so you get more out of every shot. The Jailbreak technology has been carefully engineered into this club to again, improve ball speed and incomparable forgiveness. Available in Men’s and Women’s models.

Putter: Odyssey Versa #9 White Putter

The Putter that ‘practically rolls the ball for you’ seems to have gained popularity through Phil. The Microhinged face insert provides an increase in topspin and roll at impact. Red highlight lines ensure you are lined up to hit a precise and definite shot. Tour-proven (as you’ve seen) and dominant on the green. The Odyssey Versa #9 in White.

Balls: Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

The very popular Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball was Phil’s choice this past weekend. As the ‘brother of the Chrome Soft line’, the Chrome Soft X has a higher compression and a mid launch for the higher, faster hitters. The design also has a semi-harder cover so it will not compress too much after being struck. Phil had something to say in regards to his driver speed and age.

“So at the end of last year, even though I played poorly, I had something happen where it seemed like overnight,” Mickelson said on Friday, “it had really been a year in the works, where my driver speed, it shot up 5, 6 miles an hour, which rarely ever happens to anybody, yet alone somebody in their late 40s.”

This has been a ‘What’s in the Bag’ featuring the man, Phil Mickelson.
Next week we will be looking at Mizuno’s February releases.

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