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Ping Glide Wedge

The new Ping Glide Wedge has multiple technological advancements over the Gorge Wedges, Ping’s previous Tour Wedge. The new Ping Glide Wedges have multiple sole grinds, different grooves in the higher lofted wedges than the lower lofted wedges, and a new Satin, Hydrophobic finish.

Glide Wedge







The Sole grinds are similar to previous models, as they have Thin Sole (TS), Wide Sole (WS), and Standard Sole (SS).  The new Glide Wedge Sole differs from previous generations in regards to bounce.  They have more bounce overall and a rounded leading edge to help promote the club to “glide” through the turf so you are less likely hit the shot fat.

The Grooves are also cut in a completely new way. In the lower wedges (47, 50, 52, 54) the grooves have been cut to 16-degrees.  As you are more likely to deliver a full swing with these wedges, most players have found they lack consistency in both spin and ball striking. Ping has engineered this new groove structure to provide more consistency and maximize spin.  With the higher lofted wedges (56, 58, 60) the grooves have been cut to 24-degrees, as well as made wider.  Most golfers are less likely to swing full when using higher lofted wedges, so the adjustment to their grooves drastically improves the golfers ability to generate spin without swinging full at the ball.

Ping Glide Wedge







The new Hydrophobic, Satin finish has improved consistency 220% in wet conditions and 35% in dry conditions compared to the darker finish on the Gorge. Hydrophobic is defined as a surface or object that repels water. The wedge repelling the water is what improves consistency in wet conditions as it helps the club move the water out of the way. These features combine to make the new Ping Glide Wedge the most versatile and highest performing wedge Ping has ever released.

Golf HQ has the Ping Glide Wedge available in both Steel and Graphite, click below to order yours today!

Ping Glide Wedge – Steel

Ping Glide Wedge – Graphite

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