Sneak Peak: Mizuno STG-220

Sneak Peak: Mizuno STG-220

Mizuno has always been an industry juggernaut when it came to forged irons, being the popular choice among the game’s best players without an equipment endorsement. But they never could quite make any noise with their metal woods. The ST-200 series dipped their toes in the water of having a driver that could compete with the big boys like Taylormade, Callaway, and Ping. Last year’s ST-Z and ST-X put both feet in the water. Now we’re going to have to refill the pool because the new ST-G 220 is geared to make a huge splash in the driver market. Mizuno is so confident in their new woods that it is required that a player plays it before they sign a contract.

The ST-G 220 offers more adjustability for an even more precise fitting. You’ll first notice that the crown contains dual lateral weight tracks that are shorter in length. This allows room for a new center/back weight port. These 3 tracks and 2 weights combine to allow the player to adjust the CG for an ultra-low spinning club to a playable mid-spinning option for those that need it. From there you can add draw or fade bias for ultimate workability. Traditionally, adjustable drivers from most brands have only been able to succeed at one of those tasks.

“Having that extra adjustability is extremely useful during fitting, especially on tour. We can dial in a player’s preferred ball flight or make adjustments based on course conditions.” – Chris Voshall, Mizuno

Still at 460cc in size, cosmetically the STG-220 has a sleek modern profile with a deeper face and shorter back to front look. A new multi-thickness CorTech face has been constructed to maximize the return off of the SAT2041 Beta Titanium face. SAT2041 stands for Super Ally Titanium and the 2041 refers to 20% vanadium, 4% aluminum, and 1% tin. This provides 17% more textile strength and 8% more flexibility than traditional 6-4 Ti.

The Wave Sole design contributed to even more added ball speed, especially on low-center strikes. The new dual weight center slot allows the player to place both weights in the back for a deeper CG which delivers a higher launch and more stability. The adjustable hosel features 4° in change of loft (7-11). The STG-220 launches on October 14 with a price of $499.99.

Pro’s take I have been a proud Mizuno staff player for the last 3 years, and like many, believe they make the finest forged irons on the planet. Their last 2 drivers have been the real deal, but I’ll be honest…I struggled to find the right fit for me. They are fairway finders no doubt. I hit them dead straight. The issue for me was they were too low spin and too penetrating. I need to keep the ball in the air longer and increase my carry distance. That search was about finding the right shaft. I have lost a few mph of speed over the past few years and am already a low spin player. This was already a design characteristic of Mizuno woods; low spin and a mid penetrating flight. It was a great driver for the right player, and as a fitter it performed incredibly. It was my job to just get it in people’s hands and see the numbers for themselves.

Not many people were banging down the door to try the latest Mizuno driver like they did with their irons. Mizuno will tell you that. But in 2020-2021, the company sold more drivers than they did in the last decade. Mizuno’s research and design costs a lot of money, and their clubs are expensive to produce. It’s the only Beta Ti face on the market. So they don’t have an extra $250 million leftover for marketing ads like the other big dogs. They have to rely on performance and word of mouth; which means getting the club in the hands of the most people possible.

I mentioned that the previous 2 models weren’t for me. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, right? I hit a lot of fairways and it was extremely forgiving, but I was leaving 20 yards on the table compared to some others. The new STG-220 will be for me. Because of the additional adjustable capabilities I can add some launch and spin. Dialing in the correct combo of both will increase my carry distance and these 20 year old punks will only hit it 20 yards past me instead of 50.

Enjoy the game and each other,

Seth Zipay – Head Golf Professional

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