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Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls 2017

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls have been re-imagined and redesigned to feature the most advanced innovation the golf world has seen from Srixon. The company has two new models which are now officially available for purchase…the Z-Star and the Z-Star XV. Each ball features an Energetic Gradient Growth Core which sets it apart from the rest of the competing golf balls on the market today.

The primary innovation in the Z-Star is an Energetic Gradient Growth Core with lower compression to offer even softer feel, better launch conditions and improved distance. The Z-Star XV helps create even better launch conditions and best-in-class distance with a re-engineered Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core.

The Z-Star is best for players with swing speeds of 90 mph or higher and features a core compression reduced to 88 for lower spin off the tee, higher launch and softer feel on full shots.

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The Z-Star XV is best for golfers with swing speeds of 100 mph or faster and has a core compression of 105 to maximize spin and trajectory control while offering a more firm feel on full shots.

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Both models of new Z-Star Golf Balls also feature a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern which enhances flight performance for added distance and improved control of every shot. A third Generation Spin Skin provides increased spin around the greens and great feel on every shot. Srixon’s tour-proven performance is delivered by the Urethane cover and four-piece construction.

Srixon has taken tour performance further to help you take your performance further with the new 2017 Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls!

“I trust the total performance of the Z-Star XV. I have excellent distance and spin control on my iron and wedge shots, but what I like most about this new Z-Star XV is its pleasant sound and feel on all shots – especially the superb feedback on putts and chips.”

-Hideki Matsuyama, the fifth-ranked golfer in the Official World Golf Rankings


The new Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls and Z-Star XV Golf Balls are now available at!

Each model is $39.99 per dozen and are available in both Pure White and Tour Yellow color options.

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