The Golf Course. A Safe Haven

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The Golf Course. A Safe Haven

First World Problems With the no touching and minimum six foot distancing rules as of late, we have heard that the golf course is one of the safest, germ-free facilities you could attend right now. Course owners and staff have even gone so far as limiting one player per cart, or shut down riding altogether and only allowed walking. If carts were present, they were accompanied with the hot commodity that is a Lysol wipe. Those things are in higher demand than the Kirkland Golf Ball at Costco when that craze first started. We’ve also seen superintendents raise the cup an inch above the surface, so if you hit it you count it. The cut foam pool noodle or pvc pipe has also worked beautifully in being easier to reach in and grab your ball without touching the pin. 

But golfers have dealt with an internal battle of late as well; is it wrong to show up and play and should we feel badly doing it? With the suffering going on and the quarantine laws put in place to reduce the spreading of infection, should we still go out and enjoy the game we love? The answer is yes, if done properly and respectfully. Golf course owners and pros will be happy to see you. The longer this lasts, the more detrimental the effects. Courses will take any revenue they can get right now. Any feeling or activity that restores a “normal” is welcomed. Plus it’s healthy to get out in the fresh air and get some mental and physical exercise. Its human nature to go a little stir crazy cooped up indoors and you can only watch so many episodes of Tiger King on Netflix till you’re crawling around your house hissing like a cat yourself. And hey, you’re already wearing a glove and the only thing you’ll touch all day are your own clubs. 

Lord give us strength As it stands today, golf on tv is cancelled or postponed through the end of May. That includes the Players Championship and 2 majors, the Masters and the PGA. No Masters. No March Madness. No NBA Playoffs. No Opening Day of Baseball. Hell on earth? Very close. But this would be a good time to get reacquainted with those people you live with. They’re your family. Remember them? We have heard speculation that the Olympics in August and the Ryder Cup in September will follow suit with nothing set in stone. So there’s talk that we may see a fall Masters. I will take the Masters any time of year I can get it. Instead of azaleas we will get to see Amen Corner during autumn. Let’s have some fun looking at Augusta and the Masters, through the numbers.

300 – Total members at Augusta

$30,000 – The reported initiation fee once you’re invited to become a member

$250 – The cost of each green jacket from Hamilton Tailoring Co. in Cincinnati. It takes roughly a month to make one and no, the public cannot purchase

1 – The number of jackets a winner receives, no matter how many times you win. Jack has 6 Masters, but just 1 jacket. They will alter it as needed, however

7 – The number of players to win the Masters over the age of 40. Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Mark O’Meara, Sam Snead, Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw

46 – The age of the oldest winner ever, Jack Nicklaus in 1986

21 – The age of the youngest winner ever, Tiger Woods in 1997

3 – The number of times the tournament has been cancelled; 1943 – 1945 due to WWII

270 – The lowest 4-day total score; Tiger Woods (1997) & Jordan Spieth (2015)

21% – The tournament ends in a tie and goes extra holes 21% of the time.

0 – The number of times a player has one the par-3 tournament and the actual event during the same year.

$3 – Price for a pimento cheese sandwich, bag of chips, and a sweet tea at the concessions.

1600 – The number of Azalea bushes on the par-5 13th hole

60 – The number of Magnolia trees lining both sides of the entrance road appropriately knows as “Magnolia Lane.”

900 – The number of sterling silver pieces used to make the winner’s trophy, which is a replica of the club house

675 – The total number of yards that have been added to the course since Tom Watson’s win in 1975

63 – Masters course record of -9 shared by Greg Norman (1996) and Nick Price (1986)

52 – Number of most appearances by a player, Gary Player. He also holds the record for most consecutive cuts made at 23 from 1959 – 1982

12 – The record number of stroke margin Tiger won by in 1997

$1500 – Horton Smith’s winner’s check for the very first Masters, which was called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament, in 1934

4 – The average length of a commercial break per hour during tv coverage

$7,000,000 – Amount paid for a 30 second ad during the event by the sponsors

123,000,000 – Masters’ economic impact on local Augusta economy

63 – years the Masters have been broadcasted by CBS

Enjoy the game, and more importantly during this time….enjoy and take care of each other,

Written by Seth Zipay – Head Golf Professional
Design and Published by Craig Walton

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