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Titleist 917 Drivers and Fairway Woods

Titleist 917 Drivers and Fairway Woods are the newest line of clubs from one of the most trusted brands in golf. The Titleist 917 line was designed to provide all of the things a golfer could possibly want from their clubs…more speed for increased distance, forgiveness on off-center hits and the ability to precisely adjust the club to your specific needs. The line includes two drivers and two fairway woods; we examine the details of each club below.

The Titleist 917 D2 Driver features a full 460cc head design which offers more forgiveness with a somewhat higher launch angle and more spin when compared to the 917 D3 Driver. The SureFit® CG and SureFit® Hosel allow golfers to adjust the club appropriately regardless of skill level.

Lofts available: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°

Titleist 917










The Titleist 917 D3 Driver features a smaller, tour-inspired 440cc head profile that offers increased workability, a lower launch and less spin than the 917 D2. Adjustability allows you to customize your trajectory and shot shape as needed.

Lofts available: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°

Titleist 917










The Titleist 917 F2 Fairway Wood features a larger head design and is best for golfers looking for all-around playability, forgiveness and more distance. The 917 F2 provides more spin and higher launch when compared to the 917 F3.

Lofts available: 13.5° (RH Only), 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21° (RH Only)

Titleist 917









The Titleist 917 F3 Fairway Wood features a more compact head design and is best for players who are looking for more versatility and shot control. The 917 F3 offers lower launch and less spin in comparison to the 917 F2.

Lofts available: 13.5°, 15°

Titleist 917










SureFit® Hosel provides 16 independent loft and lie settings to assist with more consistent and optimized ball trajectory.

SureFit® CG optimizes the center of gravity by using interchangeable weights to optimize spin and launch to each player’s preferred settings. The CG can be moved from a back, heel position to a forward, toe position.

Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0 with refined thickness helps to decrease spin and improve speed while a Variable Thickness Face Insert on the fairways produces more speed near the perimeter of the face thus creating better distance on mishits.

The Radial Speed Face 2.0 found on the driver features a thinner perimeter face width to produce more speed and distance when the ball is hit off-center.


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