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Titleist Brings New Flavor for Fall

It was always a theme for manufacturer’s to launch their new product in the winter months or early spring. But in the last decade or so some brands have chosen the fall to release new sticks, making their way into the tour players’ bags first, then to retail. Being on a 2 year cycle, Titleist is one of those companies that chose late summer/early fall to do just that. One of golf’s great juggernaut brands, Titleist is a line that’s always easy to follow, stays true to who they are, and never floods the market with multiple models, thus confusing the public that buys hem and the golf pro or retailer that sells them.

Out is the very successful AP line of irons. In is the new T series. The R & D (research and development) team at Titleist is six times the size it was when the AP line was introduced 11 years ago. So to say a lot of hands and minds were on deck this time around is an understatement. After all this time of being among the industry leaders, Titleist is boasting significant breakthroughs in material and construction leading to their best feeling and best sounding irons in history. 

The T-100 irons were designed with a lot of feedback from staff player Jordan Spieth, and made their debut in tour bags at the U.S. Open. These are the counterpart to the AP2 irons. A forged dual cavity-back, the T-100’s have a thinner face, which leads to faster ball speeds across the entire hitting area. 66 grams of tungsten have been evenly placed in the heel and toe of each club head. This leads to incredible stability and forgiveness. Even though the T-100’s are quite forgiving for a forged club, they still contain a thin topline, for a clean “players” look at address, and have minimal offset. 

The T-200 and T-300 irons contain “Max Impact” technology, which was designed with help from the golf ball department. Polymer cores were placed behind the faces of each club, which reinforces the faces, allowing the company to make them thinner. This increases speed across the entire face without sacrificing feel or sound. Both the 200 and 300 have higher launch angles than the T-100 as well. Titleist is calling the T-200 their player’s distance iron. They’re for the player who wants some distance back without sacrificing look, feel, and a little spin to hold the greens. With a thinner topline than the T-330, the 200 also contains SUP-10 L-face inserts, and features 90 grams of tungsten to lower the center of gravity in each club. This leads to higher launch angles out of any lie. The T-300 is the game improvement iron, and has a larger profile than their T-200 sister. With a wider sole and thicker topline, the 300’s only have 52 grams of tungsten added, so they are much lighter. 

The 620 MB and CB irons are the company’s new forged muscle-back and blade designs. The head profiles of both the MB and CB match perfectly. This allows players to make a combo set and get the same identical look from top to bottom. The blade lengths however are shorter in the short irons and longer in the long irons. Being able to add high-density tungsten to the long irons of a compact blade like the CB is the real breakthrough says Titleist. This improves turf interaction and launch conditions where players really need and want it; the 3 and 4 irons. The MB is a one-piece forging from 1020 carbon steel. They feature an elegant brushed chrome finish and will certainly turn heads if they make their way into your bag. Just make sure you can hit them!

Schedule your fitting today as these irons will be released to the public on August 30th. And make sure you tune in to the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs to see how your favorite Titleist staff players perform with their new sticks. First stop is a bucket list course for me, with incredible views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Liberty National hosts the Northern Trust on the banks of the Hudson River once again, and here are my 3 picks.

Brooks Koepka – Great season so why not win a playoff event and make it hard for anyone to pull the Cup out of his hands. Plus, he’s had some success in New York……a ‘hem PGA Championship in May.

Kevin Kisner – Wonderful season with a win at the WGC Dell Match Play back in Feb. Please great here at the President’s Cup 2 years, but then again, who didn’t play great for the USA that year?

Rickie Fowler – This is probably a pick from the heart, but I’d love to see Rickie win and get another big win under his belt. Plus he’ll be a favorite with the NY galleries. 

Enjoy the game and each other,

Written by Seth Zipay – Head Golf Professional
Published by Craig Walton

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