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Why We Love Golf

Sometimes when you are going through the struggles that come with playing golf, you must remind yourself of why you love and play the game. It’s also important to remember that sometimes the benefits we get from playing go far beyond the game itself.  Below, we dive into just a few reasons why we love golf.

Why We Love Golf








The Challenge

There are few sports which feature a more intense combination of mental and physical challenges. Most would agree golf is one of the most mentally difficult games you can play. You can swing the club as fast as you want, if you are not mentally dialed in on your shot, it simply doesn’t matter. The sport requires a marriage of mental and physical skills which can take years of practice and repetition to hone and perfect. That is without even mentioning the endless amount of technical details and fundamental aspects of swinging golf clubs, we could go all day on that.

I use myself as a great example of how challenging golf really is. I have been of above average athleticism most of my life. I played football, basketball, baseball, soccer and other sports for most of my youth. When I first tried to play golf around the age of 18, I thought to myself, how hard can it be? You hit a ball with a club and try to get it in a hole, I’ve been great at every sport, this will be no problem at all. Boy was I wrong; I have never felt more frustrated, confused and clueless playing a sport in my life. I was blown away at how difficult the game was and realized how impressive it really is to be even an average player.

The Courses/Nature

I think one of the most enjoyable aspects of golf is the setting in which it is played. Most sports are played in some type of enclosed area or stadium while golf is played on scenic outdoor courses. While playing, you get to enjoy nature in the midst of trees, plants, grass, hills and beautiful views. How many sports allow you to play and enjoy the outdoors at the same time?

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The Camaraderie

Probably more important than anything else is the time you get to spend with friends and family on the course. Playing golf is a staple of many father/son or daughter, grandparent/grandchild relationships and can provide the valuable one-on-one family time which can be so hard to find in our busy lives.

Getting out on the greens is also one of the things that can bring friends together. Some of the best laughs and memories can come from the time you spend together on the links. I would bet that will probably end up standing out more in your mind than your scores or how you played.

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With spring arriving and the golf season finally here, we wanted to share with you why we love golf here at Golf Headquarters & GolfHQ.com. We hope it helps you maintain your spirit even when you hit those rough patches in your game, which we all know are certain to come!

-Michael Smith

E-Commerce Specialist, GolfHQ.com

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