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Winter Golfing Tips

For those in the northern United States and other cold areas, it can be difficult to work on your golf game during the winter months. With today’s equipment and technology, there are many avenues for golfers to keep improving their game when the temperature drops. We have put together some winter golfing tips for those dedicated to improving their game year round.

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One of the easiest and least expensive ways to work on your game is the use indoor putting mats. Many of the mats available today are compact, transportable and very simple to use. You can simply roll the green out in your basement or living room, grab your putter and practice your stroke. Some of the putting greens have electric ball return systems to make things even more convenient. Follow the link below to find our selection of indoor putting greens.

Indoor Putting Greens

You can utilize indoor golf centers to actually swing the club and hit balls. There are many locations around the country which provide indoor golfing services at affordable prices. It may not be the most ideal setting but at least you can get some full swings in during the winter months. You will probably not be able to examine ball flight since most of these locations only allow you to hit balls into a wall or net. However, you can use the time to fine tune your ball striking and the fundamentals of your swing.

Many of these indoor golf centers include putting and chipping greens so you can work on your short game as well. There are even some driving ranges which provide year round golf using heated hitting areas. This will allow you to see full ball flight on your shots while remaining warm.

It is also possible to improve your game during the winter by actually going out to play. Those who love the game and are dedicated to improving will sometimes play in the winter months when possible. If the wind is not blowing you over and there is not feet of snow on the ground, playing in the cold can provide some advantages.

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First of all, you will be able to play at extremely discounted prices and have an interesting experience. You will be forced to focus on ball striking because if you don’t hit the ball on the sweet spot, you will get no distance and sting your hands.

Hazards may be much less of a problem since lakes and bodies of water could be frozen. In addition, trees will have no leaves so they may not be in your way as much as in other times of the year. You will also burn more calories because your body will need to use increased energy to keep you warm.

Of course to keep warm, you will need to be dressed appropriately. Follow the links below to find a huge selection of outerwear, gloves and hats which will help you stay comfortable while playing in cold conditions.

Men’s Outerwear

Women’s Outerwear

You can also use your down time in the winter months to read and do research on the game. You can look into the history of the game, swing theories, and advice from successful players and coaches. Becoming more knowledgeable and informed about the game can only benefit your play on the course.

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